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Itchy lace, go away!

So I've had Bodyline's L362 OP for a while (if you must ask it's in lavender) and I absolutely love it. My sister, who abhors skirts and dresses, even commented that it looked like Rapunzel's dress from Tangled! However, there's one problem I have with it that prevents me from wearing this more frequently: the lace on the sleeve cuffs is itchy beyond belief!

I actually considered selling it for that reason, but I've now realized that it might be better to DIY it by removing the wretched lace. And I've no idea what to do with it.

Essentially it looks like the lace is attached to the elastic and I might not be able to take a seam ripper to it without destroying the elastic. I'm not sure how to describe it since I don't have any pictures of it right now, but that's the best I can do.

Does anyone know how to remove lace that seems to be sewn in the same area as elastic? Or point me to a tutorial on this kind of thing? I'd really appreciate it!
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Show me your wig styling skills!

Hey ladies,

I'd really love to see some tutorials or photographs and hear how you've modified your wigs - more specifically the popular clip-in dual pigtail wigs [such as the MintyMix sets] - I'd love some semi or non-permanent styling ideas, as I'd prefer [as tempting as it is] not to rat the entire thing out into some impossible-to-detangle-but-awesome fuzzball. I'm running out of ideas.

Please? <3

I searched the comm. and memories to see if there was a post like this to no avail, so I hope I'm not being redundant.

Fake eyelashes

Hello everybody! Hope it's ok to ask here, I was wondering if anybody could help explain to me how to get false eyelashes on? I've tried putting them on twice now and every time I do it, the glue goes everywhere, the lashes don't stick, and then I have horrible sticky sore eyelids for the rest of the night. I do everything it tells me to do on the packet but I can never get them on right! They always seem to end up in the wrong position too! 

How do you make them stay on and look good? They're so pretty!

- EDIT -
I just tried putting the lashes on, taking into consideration all your wonderful advice. I got them on ok, but the glue seems to really irritate my eyes! Does anyone else find they get sore eyes and eyelids when they try to wash off the glue? I used warm water and a hypoallergenic eye-makeup remover. I want to wear them but if it's going to damage the skin around my eyes I'm worried!

Lolita updo for very long hair?

I live in a very hot and humid climate...

Actually I had waist-length hair, which got really damaged so I cut three inches off it and now it hangs just below my bust.

But it's too hot to let it down and besides, my daughter loves to pull on it.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a cute lolita updo that you can do with hair of this length? I don't feel like cutting it shorter...I've gotten used to it... >.<

Wig Q: unnatural colour half wigs?

Can you buy unnatural colour half wigs? (aka pink, blue, green, ect)

Collapse )

Has anyone ever seen half wigs in unusual colours for sale? Preferably somewhere that sells worldwide.

Or, is it possible to make a half wig from a full wig?

Or, can anyone think of another method?

All thoughts welcome, and thank you muchly for your time :)
(I promis that I've use the serch function, memories and some sort of failed reserch my full ability.)

Too small wig?

Quick question-
Can you modify a wig to make it bigger?
I bought a wig and 2 clip in ponytails from Bang-up wig from Ebay. I love it and don't want to get rid of it. But it barely fits on my head. I do have long hair (past my bust) so that's a bit of an issue with the wig fitting. I also have a larger head. Cyperous wigs fit me well, but I cannot afford currently to get a full wig and clip in ponytails from them. I can't just get the clip in ponytails because I can never find anything to match my hair exactly.
So ultimately, I have to work with what I have. Any suggestions? The clips keep the wig from slipping too much, but at the nape of the neck, you can start seeing my hair after some time. Is there a way to attach more hair in back to give it more volume? Are there tricks one can do to make it stay put from slipping?

Easiest Skirt And Blouse Sewing Patterns?

Heya all.

I'm still rather new to the whole Gothic Lolita style, and I have a few items. However I am reaaaally broke at the moment and wish to give it a go sewing some of my own things. I know how to use a sewing machine and have made a few small things, but never anything such as clothing. Can anyone please help me with a relativly easy tutorial or point me in the right direction?

Thank you