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Welcome to The egl Community! Please make sure you understand all the rules before posting!

Our mission is help others share, grow, and learn in the Lolita fashion. The community discussions focus on Japanese Lolita fashion and its manifestations the world over. We hope you will enjoy browsing our community! <3

Community Rules
The full rules and their consequences can be found here.
  1. Please keep all posts on topic.
    Keep posts relevant to the topic of Elegant Gothic and Lolita fashion. Please read the FAQ, check the memories and the tags before you ask a question, you may find others have asked it before. In addition, you may also want to check out lolita_handbook to answer any other questions you might still have.

  2. Please ensure all posts encourage discussion.
    Please make sure all posts allow for debate or discussion. Simple questions (e.g. "How can I order from Angelic Pretty?" "What are the measurements of this dress?") should be asked in our weekly help thread. Introductory posts should be made in our weekly FFA posts. Sales posts should be made to our sister community, EGL Community Sales. If you wish to advertise or promote a brand or community, please message the mods directly with your proposed post. Release news for brands that are not your own are acceptable, as are photoshoots. Additional information regarding this rule can be found here

  3. Please be courteous to other members.
    Be polite in offering constructive criticism and respect the wishes of those who ask for constructive criticism. Berating macros and hurtful comments will result in a warning or ban. Please do not post about any off-site drama, inflammatory off topic ranting, or moderation issues. If the latter arises, please contact a moderator or admin directly. If something related to egl occurs off-site, please refer to this guide detailing what you can do yourself or with the help of LJ abuse to better handle the situation. Posts containing explicit nudity, blatant pornography or profuse obscenities will be deleted without warning.

  4. You must be a member of the community to post and comment.
    Comments from non-members are automatically screened. Please join the community in the top right of the profile page.

  5. Images larger than 500x800 pixels must be placed under a cut, and please, no hotlinking!
    Not everyone has a high-speed internet connection. Additionally, the layout of egl will not retain its intended shape if images above 500x800 pixels are posted. Please place all larger images, and any image after the first, behind a lj cut. Images, including artwork, should be of good visual quality. Images should not be hotlinked. This community is large enough to take down a website with low bandwidth if an image is linked from that site. If you wish to display an image in your post from another website, please use your own webspace to do so. There are various free photo-hosting websites available if you need them.

  6. Explicit content posts must be placed completely under a cut and bear a "NSFW/18+" disclaimer above the cut.
    Images and content cannot contain minors in suggestive positions or in any state of undress. This community does not advocate child pornography, and so unless you can prove that people in extremely suggestive images are over 18, please do not post said images. People depicted in suggestive artwork should be clearly post-pubescent. All images should be generally work safe, and if in question, should be placed under a cut with a NSFW warning. In general, if a person in an image would be arrested if they walked around outside in what they have on, you shouldn't post it. The moderators of this community withhold the right to delete, without warning, any post they find inappropriate.

  7. Do not delete comments.
    If you feel some comments are getting out of hand, please screen them and warn a moderator, do NOT delete them. Deleting them means moderators cannot hand out warnings where necessary. Please screen spambot comments and allow them to remain, as well, so we can report them to LJ and ban them from commenting in the community.

  8. Discussion of illegal items and sharing media illegally is prohibited.
    EGL is no longer the place to discuss, buy, or sell illegal replica goods. For more details on this policy, please see this post. Not sure what sets an illegal replica apart from a legal replica? See our FAQ post here. Similarly, please do not post full scans, movies, or TV shows- please stick to sharing short clips or a few pages for discussion and education purposes only.
Additionally, moderators reserve the right to delete any post they deem inappropriate, even if it's not addressed in the rules. Please e-mail the Administrator should you have any questions or problems about post deletion. Moderators will give warning and ban members when necessary according to the schedule outlined in the ban policy.

If you see that someone is in violation of the rules or if you have any problems that you would like to report to the moderation team, please do so in the post linked below. While you must be logged into the account you use for this community, your identity will be kept private. All comments are screened, and all return comments from the moderation will be screened as well.

The moderation team can't see everything all of the time, and so we always appreciate your help in identifying problems so that we can set them to rights.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Have some questions on Gothic & Lolita and the scene surrounding it? Check out our FAQ! It's chock full of useful information for the beginner in Gothic & Lolita.

Also, don't forget to check out our memories and tags sections, too!

egl is owned and managed by egladmin.
Please forward any questions or concerns to the administrator.

The egl Moderator Team
If you want to know a little more than just their names, you can check out the Meet the Mods Post! ^_^


Interested in becoming an EGL moderator? Please see the current status of our recruitment and apply here

Please note this community is for the enjoyment and celebration of Gothic Lolita fashion and its various branches. We do not endorse ANY form of sexual activities involving adults and children underneath the legal age of the respective provinces, states, and political bodies which comprise the membership of this community.

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