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For Gothic & Lolita Fashion. Hosted by LiveJournal.
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30th-Jan-2018 09:00 pm - Hennrie's Wardrobe 2018

Hello, thanks for taking a look at my first official wardrobe post! I finished mine too late last year even though my wardrobe was fairly small, and I was too embarrassed to post it after all (I hid it in my experimental blog instead). This time around I've improved vastly by getting it done at the very end of the month, so I’m glad I finally get to be part of the tradition!

This is my second or third year in lolita—I bought my first pieces in 2013 but wasn’t really active until 2016. I wear mainly classic, but I mostly go for somber colors and an antique feel. The result: a lot of dark solids and a growing amount of VM and Excentrique (both of which I will continue to love beyond the grave). To be honest, I’ve been feeling dissatisfied with my wardrobe as a whole lately. Last year started off strong but ended up being a pretty dismal buying year, with very few wishlist items showing up. I also missed out on a few things and am now hyperaware of the “gaps” I have without them. Still, it was an important year for getting filler pieces and rounding out my wardrobe more, so hopefully I can keep that up!

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30th-Jan-2018 10:45 pm - Azuki's wardrobe 2018

Hi! This is my second wardrobe post; my first one was 2017.
I was better prepared this time, and I have learned how to take better photos!

I have been interested in lolita since 2001 and finally got the means and motivation to start building a wardrobe in 2013. I primarily wear more mature sweet styles with dark color bases (black, brown, and red especially) but I like to try lots of different things, so there are a wide variety of colors and motifs sprinkled throughout. I am a frequent contributor to Lolibrary (primarily historical detective work on Metamorphose items) so I did the nerdy thing and linked all the entries for the main pieces that had them.

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31st-Jan-2018 02:02 am - Chichiri's wardrobe 2018

This is my third wardrobe post. Previous ones: 2017, 2016. I've been in fashion since 2014.

What happened to me last year:
1) I gave up on labelling myself as a classic lolita. I still like florals and Innocent World, but I also can't resist cute animal prints, silly hats and bright colours.
2) I am back to buying and wearing dresses after a year of boystyle experiments. There are just too many beautiful dresses out there.
3) I am kind of back to sewing clothing for myself, at least I found a new direction. Let's see how it goes.
4) I discovered a huge and crazy love for green and decided to give it a go.

Sadly I did not have much time to invest in making this post, so I only took pictures of my new stuff and reused the pictures from last year. I edited everything at night so the colours may look wierd. Sorry for that.

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29th-Jan-2018 11:32 pm - as_gretels Wardrobe Post 2018

Hello everybody ^^

This is my first wardrobe post, although I wear daily lolita since 2010.

I prefer classic style and dark-toned clothes and my favourite brand is Victorian Maiden.

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29th-Jan-2018 01:21 pm - Queran's wardrobe post 2018
My last wardrobe post from 2017 was done during the time I spent abroad in Sweden. Since I only had about one third of my wardrobe with me, it didn't take too long to take pictures of everything. Now that I'm back home and reunited with my entire closet, I despaired at the thought of taking photos of every. single. blouse. Ugh! And all the hair bows! Who really want to see close-ups of the crappy little hairbows I like to pin on my berets? Therefore I only took pictures of my main pieces and included some photos of the lovely loft bed and walk-in closet my boyfriend built while I was in Sweden. He's a good bean.
Let's get started!
Queran's lazy wardrobe post 2018Collapse )
29th-Jan-2018 03:19 pm - Lady Ai's Wardrobe 2018

This is my last year post: http://egl.livejournal.com/20115722.html
Something have changed in my preferences, so...
[... Lets get a look!]
Now I prefer long dresses in ivory tones and more classic prints, so I will sell everything sweet and short sooner or later =)


AP ~pink~ Ribbon Cocktail

Taobao - Anna's Secret - skirt in green - Hogwarts Series



~Dresses in ivory/white~

The left one is AatP - Organdy Long JSK and the right one is BTSSB - Key to Heaven ~Holy Church of the Blessed~ Palatina OP

The left one is IW - Teresa OP and the right one is TF - Marie Rose OP

The left one is AP Antoinette Decoration JSK and the right one is AP Rose Museum JSK

The left one is OP made by Little Dipper and the right one is Neon Cedar - Lily Pott's Dream JSK

The left one is Hinana - Fairy Doll OP and the right one is Lili's brand - Sleeping In Sunshine OP

~Dresses in pink~

The left one is AP Princess Tiara JSK and the right one is BTSSB Fairy Garden Trifolium JSK

The left one is BTSSB Sonnet for Juliet ~ Love potion with Romantic Irony ~ JSK and the right one is AatP - Starlit Sky Tent and the Secret Circus Troupe OP

The left one is AP - Holy Lacy Doll OP and the right one is AP - Strawberry Whip JSK

~And other dresses~

A couple mint dresses) The left one Ave Maria ~Heavenly Princess and Madonna Lily~ and the right one is BoHe Cat - Classical Painting Cityscape OP

The left one IW - Union Flag Maxi JSK in black and the right one is AATP - Swan Lake ~Ephemeral Tears~ Ballerina JSK

Thank you for attention! <3
28th-Jan-2018 12:39 pm - First Ever Wardrobe Post!

Hello all! This is my first wardrobe post ever. I've been collecting lolita since Fall 2014 and I just can't stick to one substyle or color.
It took a while between work and everything, but I was able to get photos of my main pieces and most of my accessories to share ^_^
Click here to look into my lolita room~Collapse )

28th-Jan-2018 06:41 pm - Emerald's Wardrobe 2018

This is my 4th wardrobe post here, I'm enjoying style since 2012. I tend to sell a lot in order to buy new stuff, so there are some new dresses and some of old are gone. I had almost zero new blouses/accessorizes compare to last year, so this time I decided to shoot only dresses in "see how I matching things" style. Enjoy!

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27th-Jan-2018 12:03 am - Sage_blossom's wardrobe post 2018!

Hi everyone; back for a third (and hopefully better) year of wardrobe posting!  My wardrobe's changed a lot this past year and I've ended up wearing the fashion a lot more often than before, plus discovered both ouji fashion and my one true love, BtSSB's Veronica Elisse JSK....I've hunted down 4 colourways so far and well, not stopping anytime soon. 

Started a lolita instagram too, so if you want to see any of these worn/coorded (plus more detail photos!), feel free to drop me a peek over at @sageblossom_frill.

If you're curious to compare, last year's post can be found here or 2016's right here!

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24th-Jan-2018 09:46 pm - Ophelia's Old School Wardrobe 2018

Hello again EGL,

Venture forward to see how my collection of old school lolita pieces has grown since my post last year. And if you have any information on anything, please do let me know! I like to try and find the names and years for as many of my pieces as possible!

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24th-Jan-2018 12:26 pm - Pen-pals

What's more loli and fun than sitting at your desk and hand writing a letter on your best stationery?

Would anyone be interested in having a (national/international penpal?)

If you are, by all means let me know in the comments!

What would you girls(and guys) prefer? A random pairing up? Choose your penpal?

If you guys like the "random" option I can set up a form where you enter your lj username and if you want a national or international friend. Then I'll stick it into the randomizer, post the results and you can get into contact with either via DM to share postal addresses.

Let's discuss!


22nd-Jan-2018 07:14 pm - 2018 Wardrobe meme - Pretty Classic.
2pm dansu
Hi everyone!
I've been into the fashion since about 2003-2004, which makes a lot of years. I use to joke that when I was young Moitie still had size 3 clothing! I have loved classic lolita since the dawn of time, dabbled in sweet and come back the gothic route. Still, mostly classic.

Anyway, should you want to see anything worn, hop over to my ig: oeei ! It's not lolita/frill/kawaii exclusive, so expect puppies and food. Pups are cute tho, right?

Frills, frills, frills.Collapse )
other | this sure is a default icon
Despite extensive searching, I haven't been able to find any resources for plus-size lolitas that aren't several years old, and many of the shops listed no longer exist or no longer offer custom sizing. I also haven't been able to find any recommendations specifically geared towards larger plus-size lolitas - just mentions that there do exist some shirred items that might fit me, maybe? (125cm bust/117cm waist... or rather, I have clothes made to those measurements that fit, but I should really take new ones...)

I'm pretty sure I'm just awful at searching, and I would really appreciate being pointed in the right direction!

(I haven't really interacted with the EGL community in years, so I'm utterly lost as to what LJ comms/Tumblr blogs are active these days. the Internet is big and scary and I don't know what I'm doing, pls hold my hand and help me buy pretty things)
19th-Jan-2018 06:59 pm - Simple and casual (sort of) wardrobe
Hello everyone! This year was quite special for me in terms of annual wardrobe posts as it is the first time in a few years that I decided to wear this beautiful fashion again. My wardrobe is not that big, but I am definitely trying to limit myself and only buy pieces that I will deinitely wear - and not only to fancy events.

Thank you for checking my post, and have a nice time goin through it!
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