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Twinning of Epic Proportions

Hello, EGL.

I haven't posted in a while, but when I saw the themes for this month, I knew I had to post. So I slaved and I slaved and I got it done juuuust in time. I made a timeline of all the outfits that my friend Annso and I have been twinning with, since 2010. There are a LOT of photos and I can't possibly post them all.


But since the theme also mentions famous pairs, I'll include the photos of us with Maki and Asuka!!

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Thanks for reading ^_^
and come see the rest on my blog!
❤ Cinderella becomes a pretty princess

Marie Claire UK report on Hyper Japan!

Hi! Maybe some of you remember that in February, Hyper Japan! spring edition was held in London.

Marie Claire magazine was there and interviewed some of us, and finally the issue is in stores!

Marie Claire sept '12 overview of HJ report

There's a report with information and a brief history about Lolita fashion, as well as very nice pictures of the event and some of the girls that were interviewed.

I scanned the pages and wrote about it on my blog - so check it out ^_^ [if it doesn't work, there's an exact copy also in my LJ...]

I'm really happy to see such a nice, positive and well-done [as well as stunning looking!] report on the fashion in a big publication and I hope this will bring a positive effect to readers unfamiliar with it... it's just out so you can still buy it and show all your friends ^_~
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Just a tip about searching for posts!

Hey everyone,

In the latest LJ_news it has been mentioned that you can now look for people's posts in a community by using this nifty code:

http://community.livejournal.com/egl/?poster=laviefantasque [Using my own username as illustration]

So next time you are looking for a post and you remember who but not when, this might help! Just thought I would mention it. I'm also going to post this in daily_lolita where I think this will be especially handy? Enjoy!
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For once these are not rule changes, but please read.

The eglfeedback community had some help and managed to make all the requested pages so far!

Now there are a few things for you to do:

Check if your page has been made right:
- go to the tag for the first character of your username. Here is the tag list: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/tag/
- [e.g. I would go to "~l" to find "laviefantasque"] and find your page,
- go over the numbers and links,
- comment on your page if something is wrong.

Keep your link handy.
- We are in the progress of updating the alphabetized lists, however this is not finalized so don't freak out if your name isn't on there! Just find your link through the tags and save it somewhere.

As mentioned in this post, we haven't been commenting back to people's requests with their links, because we put the time into making the pages instead of commenting back. If your comment has been deleted, it means your page has been made and you can look for it under the tags.

Everyone, please request a page now as the new rules will come into effect on May 30st.
I changed the form for requesting feedback, and mentioned some things to keep in mind. For example, some people have issue with finding their Etsy or eBay feedback links. Please read the post and fill in the form correctly.
The place to request your feedback is here.
Again, the smart thing to do when you want your feedback page right away because you're in a transaction, is to PM one of the mods! Otherwise your request will get lost in pages of other comments, and you might have noticed that doesn't go too fast.

When leaving feedback, please remember our rule #2.
It's great that you're all using the new community, but please use it well.

2. All comments must correctly follow this format.
Words are very much encouraged. If you want, you can leave a number-based rating on a scale of 1 to 5, but please describe your experience as well!

- I am the buyer/seller
- Overall experience
- Communication
- Accuracy of item description
- Shipping method
- Accuracy of estimated shipping time
or for sellers:
- Payment method
- Payment time

When linking to feedback on sales posts, for now these links are allowed
- a link to your eglfeedback page
- a link to a personal journal entry with feedback
- a link to feedback on places like eBay, Etsy, Den of Angels, etc

Notice how these things all say "links". You have to provide a working link for your sales posts to be approved! No mentions of "feedback somewhere in this journal" or "on ebay under the name xyz" and certainly no links to the old DBS, as the site is dead now.

I hope you understand and wish you all happy sales! Thanks for bearing with us, if there are any questions/comments/concerns, please comment.

This has been crossposted to egl and egl_comm_sales
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I would like to announce our new, LJ-based, feedback community!
It's located at eglfeedback, please take a look, read the rules and request a feedback page here.

Everyone requesting feedback pages, please read:

If you are in need of a feedback page immediately, PM oh_tralala, who will have your page up as soon as possible.
However, if you can wait, please post to the request a feedback post, where laviefantasque will handle your request.

When requesting your feedback page, please copy, fill out, and send the following information:

Username at DBS (should match your LJ User Name):
Additional Feedback (eBay, Etsy, etc):
If your LJ is connected to another account (old or sales account), please mention the LJ username:

If you own an Online Shop or Shopping service:

Website/Shopping Service Account:
Username at DBS:
Additional Feedback:


The idea is simple: everyone requests their own page with their active username, this will be linked under the corresponding letter posts and tagged with the first character of the username. When you're looking for feedback, you can use the list or the tags. The posts will include all comments, positive, neutral and negative equally. Use this information before deciding to buy or sell!

The moderators of this community are the same people who moderate the sales community.

With the creation of this new community, there will be new rules put in place on the community sales:

You HAVE to link to your feedback in your posts on egl_comm_sales [which was already a rule], and now this includes a post on eglfeedback
In other words, you can direct people to your personal journals, your eBay and Etsy feedback but you HAVE to always link to your feedback page on the new community as well. This will be the official community-linked source. If you have no feedback yet, request a page and mention this on your post.

Feedback has to be a direct link.
No "I have feedback on the community" or "I have feedback on my journal" or "on ebay under the name xyz". The link has to go to the actual feedback page.

Feedback should be mentioned on ALL posts on egl_comm_sales
It doesn't matter if you're selling, buying, hosting a group order or looking for something... You have to link your feedback!

NOTICE! In order to make that all these new changes are going over well, we're moderating posting to egl_comm_sales. This will last for as long as is needed, we hope no longer than 4 weeks.
Please go over all the sales rules before posting, this will ensure a quick acceptance and make it easier for everyone! Thanks for your cooperation.

And one last mention for the use of eglfeedback:

You can use tags and comments to see if a user has bad feedback! The system is now set up so that a post gets tagged "!scammer" and "!negative", be sure to check that out.
Also always remember to look at the list of banned users. Which can be found here.

I will post this announcement on both egl and egl_comm_sales and link to this post in the header of egl_comm_sales as well as eglfeedback
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Halp, photoproject wants not to die

Hallo EGL, I am desperate! I am doing a photo/documentary-style project on [duh] Lolita! And I need more people to photograph! The problem is, I need people in GROUPS.

I'm currently in Belgium, but willing to travel to a neighbouring country [if it's not too expensive/general hassle] if there are groups of lolitas who are okay to be photographed.

The thing is I have to show the group dynamics, so I'd love to take photos of meet ups, concert-planning [the preparation, getting ready together, traveling, etc.] I don't think I can take my DSLR into a concert but we can always try ;D, sleepovers, drinking tea, baking stuff, or just basic stuff like walking around, shopping, sitting on the couch talking.

A perfect 'group' would consist of more than six or more people, but I'm pretty desperate so if you're less than six and still behave as a 'group' then you'll be awesome too.

I will travel to the Netherlands and France anyway, so people who are there and don't mind to be photographed: please comment. I don't need you to do anything you don't normally do! You'll just do whatever you want and I'll be lurking and taking photos ;D Of course no photos will be taken without permission, and you can always ask for the result, I can even make prints if you want :D

The UK can be considered as a 'neighbouring country', the thing is: if I do go somewhere far [German, Scandinavian lolis don't be shy either!] I'd like to stay for a few days and have a lot that I can document, so multiple events for the time I'm there.
I'm thinking of going to London anyway, so London-lolis please tell me when you have something planned?

Thank you so much! Even if you yourself don't like to be photographed, maybe you know people who do?
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Lolitas and Versace in L'Officiel + random photos

Hello dear EGL,

I come with a little funny story. I couldn't find any other post about it.. but a couple of French lolis were in the L'Officiel magazine of September. It's not about Lolita at all, it was just a photo series on designer dresses, but the idea was that the models were "real life statues" and so they let random 'normal' people in the photos as well.
There's no words, just a photo.. but it's two pages, so it's awesome anyway!

scan 001

Sorry for this weird scan, but I couldn't fit the whole thing on my scanner, so bigger views under the cut!

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Eeee, okay, I hate to be a bother, but... I really need some help! [and where else to get the best help, eh!]

On the 8th of January I have to hand in a paper [6-10 pages] and I chose to write about EGL. As in, the style.
Obviously I had to put some anthropologist-type questions in there. [It's for my anthropology exam.]
My questions were something along the lines of "where does it come from? who 'take part' in it? typical things? art?" etc.

Basically, I'm looking for articles and books for research-like information that I can use. I want to write an informative and mostly objective paper.

So, if you know of any articles and books or maybe if you have written anything yourself, can you help me out? If you don't want to let me read anything you/someone else have/has written, maybe you could only give me the bibliography?

I know I'm suuuuperlate but I'm in the middle of moving and I only decided I wanted to do it on lolita on the VERY last minute and I couldn't find anything about it in the local library..

So yeah, probably a long shot but thanks anyway!
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Hai, first time poster here :]
I have a question, I don't think it has been asked many times before and I couldn't find a satisfactory answer anywhere.

Do you think someone can be loli if they don't have the right "hair"? Most hairstyles I've seen is long and curly or if it's short, very straight and Japanese street-style-ish. But I haven't seen anyone with a mohawk.
I myself have a mohawk and I do dress loli sometimes, I try and live by the rules but I've been having a problem with the hair! Would you suggest I'd wear a wig or a hat or something?

I'm sorry I don't have any decent pictures of myself in loli wear. I do keep my hawk down most of the times however, and wear a bow [headdresses would look weird I think]. Is it wrong? And is it wrong to wear my hair up?