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You Ready?

Flocky Cats by Metamorphose in 2 different ways.

1st: Proper Lolita:

I LOVE this skirt! It's wicked-comfortable and cats + plaid = WIN!

I also sprung for the matching tote-- it's ginormous!

"Mom!" says Cupcake, "Your thingie is beeping! Mom? Hellloooo?"

2) Casual Lolita:

I was definitely channeling you for this outfit, Carla! This one's for you!

OH SNAP! Looks like Cupcake's done something to make me go into Mom-mode!

Oh okay, good. Looks like all is well now.

Take 'em to the chorus!

Outfit 1:
Blouse: Fan + Friend
Skirt: Meta (duh)
Bag: Also Meta (again, duh)
Hairband: The belt from the skirt
Petticoat: industrialkitty + Leg Ave. (I have on 2)
Tights and Shoes: Off-brand

Outfit 2:
Skirt: You should be paying more attention.
T-Shirt: Off brand from a local store
Hoodie: MAM
Petticoat: just industrialkitty's this time
Headband: H&M
Hoops: Sam Moon
Socks: Innocent World
Shoes: Emily the Strange

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