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shoes shoes shoes

So. Anyone else pleased with the fall shoe line-up?
Or, likes to wear non-lolita-specific shoes with their lolita clothes? Like Milk and Jane Marple shoes, which share design elements with lolita, but aren't lolita hardcore.

Sharing some random things found

nine west booties

maybe add a black velvet ribbon for that kira imai look here?

BCBG T-bars

Brooke buckles

FLY London red and black heels

Stella McCartney T-bars

Marc Jacob booties

Aerosoles flat plats
Really basic shoe that might look cute with shoe bows or ballerina-style laces, or both.

Nine West men's style heels

Use the laces they come with for classy style by day, use wide laces or ribbon for lolita by night?

Irregular Choice Paw Paw T-bars

Irregular Choice tap style lace-ups

Irregular Choice Blythe boots

Tempted to get these and replace Blythe with Novala's photo. y/n?

Irregular Choice granny booties

Irregular Choice two-toe pronged boots

Maybe a wa-lolita thing?

Bronx buckle heels


Bronx lace-up boots

(Wedge heel version)

Bronx strappy bow heels

Zinc black x pink dressy pumps

(and in blue)

Qupid ankle boots

Steampunky/adventure/manual labor lolita?

Michael Antonio pom pom boots

Doc Marten 5 large eyelet boots

Tall 13 eyelet black version on sale

Tried to focus on boots on heels, but going to throw this one in there anyway. Because cheap French leather flats are <3
Ballerina leather flats

Repetto, for lolitas who desire pretty ballerina feet

Steve Madden

Kind of an extreme manifestation of the season's silhouette. . .but I can not lie. I love these. Forever and infinitely.

Steve Madden tap bows

Steve Madden argyle heels

More T-straps, from Steve Madden

Steve Madden buckles

Steampunk or pirate lolita?

Alright that's all. If anyone else has shoe pics please share <3
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