lucy_tan (lucy_tan) wrote in egl,

coordination help please?

Hello! <333
I recently just bought some clothes of baby <3 and i want to set up my outfit for avenue Q meet up in November (long time away, but it takes me ages to get money! XD so i have to  start now) andd i ordered this cutsew like, a month ago maybe? maybe less, and the window to paris skirt just came through the door a couple of seconds ago. (I had to pay £40 custom charges! phwoar) and as i oped it, my first reaction was "oh dear, it's purple" then i notice it's pink XD; IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL ;O; buttt but it doesn't match the pink cutsew i have or the shoes that just came today either v__v;; I can't just buy a new cutsew, my birthday is 7 months away! SO do you think there is anyway i could make this work?

The skirt came in a really pretty bag!! XD all my other baby orders just came in the normal plastic pink bag.. AND I GOT A COAT HANGER XDD
Just so you can see how pretty the print is:

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