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So, I'm planning the October meetup, and I'm planning to take us to the biggest Halloween attraction in the city, Haunted House NYC. The team who sets this up every year interviews random people about their fears to make the scariest plot/theme. This year, the event is being called NIGHTMARE: Ghost Stories, taking off of people's phobias (such as fears of being in a room alone, fear of dolls/mannequins, etc). So yes, I predict this will be some pretty scary shet. (Look at their videos on their site. Don't it look exciting? :D) And they added a labyrinth to add with the haunted house.
It's not recommended for anyone with a heart or lung condition, anyone who have a serious phobia that will break down and cry and pass out if they see something they hate, or anyone who has a leg problem and won't be able to walk with us quick and easy, because narrow passageways won't allow handicapped people to go through easily, and then according to the site, there will be minimal climbing or something.

Anyways, reason why I posted is so that I can see what is the best weekend to do this. It will most definitely be on either a Saturday or a Sunday, on the 13th, 14th, 20th, 21st, 27th or 28th of October, since those days it will be open from 3PM-11/midnight. I'm hoping we'd head over there at about 4-5 PM or something. If any of these days are a problem to you, PLEASE let me know! And if any of the days are the best for you... well tell me that too. ;3

I want at least 20 people coming, so I can consider us a group so we can pay $25 dollars for tickets to the house and the maze, instead of the regular 30-35 dollar price. xD So you better come! I'm especially looking at the regulars and the NJ lolis, (>>; better come, Angela, Ericka, etc) and anyone from the epic meetup that can make this!

Thanks for looking!

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