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More pics from the Edinburgh meetup on Saturday!

yuka02 sent me her pictures from the meet last night, so I thought I'd post those too since they show the later part of the meet and some outfits that weren't photographed so much by glass_bubblegum and the rest of us.

Windswept lolis are windswept.  And exhausted, by this point.  veilchenblau had gone on ahead to grab us a table at TGI Fridays.

Attempting to cross the road.

-----------Sometime later-------------

Fed and watered and sufficiently rested, we headed to Jenners, a department store.  Where we found a giant lego model of Thomas the Tank Engine, hero of many a loli's childhood.  By this point glass_bubblegum, skyblue_pink and squishy_plushie had all had to go home as it was getting pretty late.

Then we went to the shoe department.  While veilchenblau was trying on wacky grey/mustard shoes, malice_in_alice broke out her copy of the Gothic & Lolita book that was published recently, and we all gathered around.

Reading lolis are reading.

Indulge me for a moment while I squee over how awesome my new handbag is :P.

a_solitary_soul's Victorian Maiden corsage is beautiful *_*.

Shooooooesies!  malice_in_alice is wearing some awesome, Moitie-esque Demonias, and I'm wearing some incredibly comfy Gola ones that, I suppose, are technically trainers (!).  You'd never guess, would you?

Finally a proper picture of  yuka02, who sewed her fantastic kodona shorts and mini top hat herself.  I think they look really cool with her military-esque jacket.

After a bit veilchenblau joined us on the comfy sofa.  We probably pissed off the shop staff tonnes :P.

Here she is again.  Wish we'd gotten a pic of her in the strange-coloured shoes.

malice_in_alice and I have an arse-smackingly good time with some mannequins.  This got us some seriously weird looks for some reason :P.

Then, up to the sewing and knitting department.  a_solitary_soul and I were tired so we sat down at a convenient table and read knitting books.

veilchenblau, on the other hand, bought some wool.

yuka02, our extremely well-dressed kodona.  It's nice to have someone dressing boystyle instead of constant frills :).

Me.  I have no idea how to caption this since there's not much going on.

malice_in_alice.  She really suits the gothic lolita look, imo :).

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