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Innocent World length question + Meta skirt question

Hi there!

I fell in love with this beautiful jumperskirt by Innocent World:

But before I start saving up my money for it, I'm a bit worried about the length. I'm almost six feet tall, so I'm worried it might be too short. I know that it is about 83cm long in general and that the shoulder straps are adjustable, so I can gain some more centimeters there. But now I'm wondering - measured from where is 83cm? From the top of the bust part to the skirt's hem? Or is it 83cm including the straps? If it doesn't include the straps, I'm lucky, if not... I'm not ;___;" Help?

Plus, I would like to know how wide Meta's fully shirred skirts and how short/long their skirts usually are because I've totally lost my heart to the new Teddy Patissier print and would love to buy the skirt in black. I would need 86cm/~34 inches - do you think they stretch that wide? In the description, it says "fully shirred", so are their other skirts with full shirring something to go by?

Thank you in advance!


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