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Help me with my school project?

I need to create my own version of a fairytale for my school project, by using photoshop and photography. I thought it would be fun to make a lolita version of a fairytale.

I'd love to do Alice in Wonderland, but that's a little beyond my skills. I need to photograph most things by myself, and for things that are too unrealistic to photograph (like a rabbit wearing clothes and carrying a pocket watch XD), I can use photoshop and stock photo's. But with a fairytale like Alice in Wonderland it will just be too much trouble, too much photoshopping, and so I'll never make it before the deadline.

I need to take a lot of pictures, since the pictures need to tell the story. Text is only additional.
I'd like to make the story a bit 'dark', and not sugary sweet. I want a somewhat horror feel with it.

My question is: Which fairytale would you suggest me, and which one would be best realizable and loli-able according to you?

Edit: Thank you all so much for all the replies and suggestions! I really appreciate it. Thanks!

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