The Abominable Chax (miyu_sakura) wrote in egl,
The Abominable Chax

Common Sense Warning

Okay guys, remember Strikethrough 2007?

Now considering that Livejournal/Six Apart never gave much more than a vaguely worded "Oh hay there we're sorry for that thing" about the random journal and community deletion, and considering how the whole mess got started, must we really put fuel out for the next wildfire that decides to sweep over this little corner of the Internet?

Livejournal likes to randomly delete communities. It's just a fact. And people report communities all the time, especially when they have vendettas. And I'm fairly sure there are a few people out there with some beef against egl

What does this mean?

Stop talking about the 420, yo.

I don't care if you love pot and smoke Grape Crush like there is no tomorrow. I also don't care if you absolutely hate pot and think it is the demon weed and pot smokers should be flung into jail. There are tons of places online for you to spew your views about it, but this isn't the place. Just because Novala was caught with a stash has nothing to do with Lolita fashion and the discussion of all things related. It's like saying that because Britney Spears didn't wear a corset like she should have at the VMAs, suddenly goths and corset-makers all over the country must decide whether or not they want to marry a poser backup dancer and pop two children out right away.

Seriously. Stop posting pics of drug-related paraphernalia/cannabis/everything weed related so the moderation team doesn't have to write some long letter explaining to some irate mother with too much freetime why her child will not be tempted into drugs, jazz, and dancing with boys due to Lolita fashion. The joke has gotten pretty stale.

If you want to make posts related to sending Novala brownies (haha), translating his works, or finding his merchandise, feel free. Just stop with the drug talk already. Thanks.

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