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Random questions

Haha, so I have a bunch of random questions - if you could help me on even one of them, it would be very much appreciated.

My first request is if anyone has pictures of this victorian maiden dress? I'm looking for the "official" pictures on the page where it would have been ordered. However, if you have VERY clear pictures of close-ups of the detailing, that would be helpful, too. No casual pictures of yourself, please.

I also want to know if this coat is loliable (please excuse the jeans and frizzy hair. This was right after chem lab and I was NOT happy. I'm also not that fat ><). My hands are also hiding the pseudo pockets on the bottom left and right of the jacket. I bought it in Thailand in the summer of 06, and I've worn it with regular stuff, but I'm wondering if it could possibly be part of a loli ensemble... I just don't know where to start coordinating. My other caveat is that I sort of hate sweet a lot, so if there's any way to minimize the sweet (yeah, I know I'm "asking for it" - the jacket is PINK for pete's sake), that would be great. Currently, I'm thinking of either a black skirt or a black top? For the top, I was thinking something like this Mary Magdalene (if I can replica it in black), with all the pin tucks. (or is that too busy, since I already have the "V" space the jacket makes?) OR, should I just give up on the jacket?

And lastly, as much as I love Joannes for fabric (<3!), their lace section leaves something to be desired. Does any one know of a lace site where I can order quality lace?

Thank you for any and all of your help. I really appreciate it!

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