spinafewtimes (spinafewtimes) wrote in egl,

coat and boots - minkyshop??

 I checked the memories and LJ seek for information on this store, but I couldn't seem to find anything. Since fall is pretty much here in Ohio and winter is coming soon, I'm hoping to find a very warm coat, and though this is adorable and reasonably priced, I'm not too sure about the quality and how well it can keep me warm during 0-20F degree weather. I could always slip a sweater underneath. I would go with brand, but I don't want to spend 300 dollars on a coat. I have heard about F+F coats though, so if minkyshop is no good, I'll probably go with them.

I also need white or pink boots, and I don't want to spend 200 dollars on a pair of shoes (once again, that subtracts brand from my choices). I don't like rose chocolat's designs (I prefer platforms over high heels), and Little Chili's shoes supposedly fall apart. Minkyshop's look cute, but I'm skeptical about the height and quality. Please halp?

[edit] also, if anyone could tell me which f+f coat is the warmest, that'd be great.

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