Kelsey (kakaiyu) wrote in egl,

Bunnybear Bag news

So, I picked up an issue of KERA Maniax today, and I saw some pictures with the girls holding Bunny Bags that seemed a bit... smaller than usual. So I look at the list of what one of them is wearing, and... behold! She is holding a "Usakuma Bag (Mini)". MINI?? I look at the price and it was only 9345 yen. It's not tiny either, about the size of a normal teddy bear. (Sorry I don't have pictures!) Its height is 40 cm, as opposed to the normal sized one's 50 cm.
Does anyone know about this Mini Bunnybear bag? Like, has it been released in Baby's stores yet? My city doesn't have any lolita stores so I can't check for myself. Dx
I really want to buy one of these! The price of the big ones is just a little too much for me to justify paying, but this new one is more affordable.

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