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Rolling around in closets : 3

So one of my best friends and I have been meaning to roll around in each other's closets for a while, but life kept getting in the way. Now that we've given it a swift kick to the head, I got her to dress up with me in lolita around run around Portland. :3

I forced her to dress up via thanks to my closet, but she had these weird little white gloves she felt she had to wear. I said they weren't so rori but well, she isn't two and I'm not her mommy, so she can wear her rediculous little gloves, I guess. x3
It was also a good excuse for me to wear my new Pairs Window jsk♥

Loots of pictures follow. Thanks to my boyfriend for taking most of these pictures! ilu Jason. ;_;

Disclaimer: We don't do much when we hang out. Mostly, we run around breaking things or just walk around and talk, so this is srsly the empitome of hanging out. x3 No cute little tea shops for us!

I'm not good at these witty captions! Forgive me. D:

First we went outside into the courtyard, but she wasn't dressed lolita then, and she has a shakey camera hand so not many pictures of there exist. n_n;;

Found a bench.

Chelsea decided we were, apparently, broadway stars.


"I has a scar"
I talk about such flattering things with my friends. :S

We fund a better bench.

We can't bow well. Or...curtsey? Is that what it's called?

I force everyone I know to make this hand gesture with me. :D


She tried to climb on the gazebo thing, but it didn't really work.

Some guy was staring at us, so I pointed at him to make him nervous. There's about ten pictures of me with my finger in the camera pointing at shit, but I'll spare you. x3

Spinning is fun.

Chelsea blur~

Idk what we were doing.

But it maed bow falls of. D:

Me: I am NOOOOOT :[

"His penis was THIIIIIS big! :o"

Pose D:

Yay garden. :3

We founds a train.

Train scare Ashlee. D:

Chelsea parade-waved to some guy that wouldn't stop staring. XD

How do u poz? ;-;

Me: Like this?
Chelsea: Deffinity not. :o

Can I be in ur picture?

NO *Flick*

"I can't belive you just did that. XD"

"Oh btw, you probably just got foundation all over your glove, sooo..."

Now she's in MY picture. XD

...Neckvein. That's about as mature as I get.

I'm mischevious.

Or maybe we're both mischevious?

But mostly, she was just nervous of crossing the yellow line.
"AmI gunna git in troublez? D:>"

She was tall enough to properly sit on these, but I wasn't. Note my expression. XD


"That's what you get for being short. :D"

Me: Is dat rori?
Chelsea: Deffinitaly NOT.

Wait for meeee

This one reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, I have no idea why.

Then we went back to survey the damange.

She fell asleep on mai brandz omg so cute. ;____;
She'll kill me for this photo. XD

There's more photos, but that's enough.
No one wants to see the "Opps you can see my panties" shot.

On a final note:

Beaver hat says yes!

Just kidding. :O

(As if anyone cares.)

Jsk, pink: Baby
Red jsk: AP
Beret: Baby
Socks: AP
Blouse: IW
Shoes: ?

Flower OP: AP
Bow: Baby
Socks: Meta
Shoes: ?

Red jsk: AP
Blouse: IW
Shoes: AatP
Socks: Meta
Hair Corsage: VM
Beaver Hat: Probably your grandma's closet


Pink jsk, (same): Baby
Blouse: AP
Shoes: Baby
Socks: AP
Bow: Baby

Black jsk: Baby
Bow: Baby
Blouse: Meta
Shoes: ?
Socks: Meta

Floral op: AP
Socks: AP
Shoes: AP
Bow: Baby

That is all!

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