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So, my recent obsession has been lolita jewelry. Especially rings. I've really been lusting after this:

in particular... but (to give you an idea of my personal taste) I also love this BTSSB ring, and this IW ring in silver. The problem is- I have chubby little kid fingers. I wear a US size 8 which, according to an online converter is a JPN size 16... and it doesn't look like brand rings really go up that high. I don't really know anything about jewelry at all, and much less lolita brand jewelry so I have a few questions you all:

Firstly, from your experience- how is the quality of brand jewelry? I know they are pretty cheap but what are they made out of? somehow I doubt that most are actually sterling silver- but just some shiny plate.

Second- do you know of any lolita brand jewelry that might be able to fit my chunky baby fingers? I know IW makes adjustable rings- but don't they tend to break? What do you think about the adjustable rings?

Thirdly- If I found something I really fell out for and it was decent quality, would it be worth it to take it to a jeweler and have them extend the band a little bit? Or perhaps I could get a replica made- like they do for VW stuff. The only problem with that is that I really don't know what to expect cost wise- and I know most lolita jewelry has some sort of engraving and I wouldn't really want to mess it up. I'm into silver- so I don't think the colouring should be too hard to work with.

Should I just give up and stick to necklaces, bracelets, and hairpins? Should I just buy some cheapo lolitable stuff from claires? Should I just chop off my fingers all together? I hope someone could shed some light on this subject.
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