Fluffy (lil_kitt) wrote in egl,

Hello Community !

I like to sew my own dress and is planning to make one for a ceremony in school. I've been in love with this Victorian Maiden dress for a while and would like to try making something that looks like that. I am usually not a dressy person, so i find it hard to visualise myself wearing something so pretty. @_@

I was wondering if anyone could post any pictures of that dress being worn, or hanging in the wardrobe ? Is there anything noteworthy about that dress (i.e do you think it make you look slimmer/fatter/curvier etc) ? It'll be much appreciated !

Also, for those who know about that dress, how is that dress put on ? Do you just loosen the corset lace at the back and slip it on ? I tried making myself something with a shirred back to my own size but had problem with the sizing and had a hard time putting it on ^^;;. Does it have a hidden side zip, or something that makes it easy to wear ?

I'll really appreciate any comments regarding this topic. Thanks a lot in advance !

Lastly, does anybody have other dress to reocmmend ? Personally, I prefer something more classic or casual, that i can wear for a formal or semi-formal event without looking over the top. I've been looking through some lolita websites but didn't really see one that i like. Thanks in advance !

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