lacrimadverto (lacrimadverto) wrote in egl,

Rose Chocolat Problem, I need your opinions! >.

Hi! I have a problem with Rose Chocolat, and don't know exactly what to do >.< I would like to know what do you think about it/warn the community about their behaviour.

In April (or something like that) I ordered a pair of classic mary jane from their website... I waited for them to prepare everything, then they shipped my shoes regularly... unfortunately, my local post office had some problems, so my shoes came back to Rose Chocolat! I had to pay AGAIN for shipping (rose chocolat-italy/italy-rose chocolat/rose chocolat-italy again: I ended up paying 40$ MORE), and they told me I had to wait because the person who usually ship packages for them was on holyday(it was July)... then in late August they mailed me and told me that they were waiting for me to say that they could ship my poor shoes... then it's now about 3 week, and I mailed them 3 or 4 times, but I still haven't received any answer... I'm getting pretty angry, because 1) I want my shoes 2) I WANT at least an answer!! I don't think they have already shipped my package, because after all those problems I recommended them to give me the tracking number and tell me before shipping....

What should I do if they won't answer?? I got really angry, now...
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