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Bridal Showers, Lolita and Chocolate Cake Shots!

We had a wedding shower for mint_cake, and we did it lolita style!

~ Fenton's, Oakland ~
Thursday, September 13th

Jen is soo frightened excited to be there!

Mmm what's on the menu? (too much. MUCH TOO MUCH)

mognetcentral and Sarah's unnamed friend Eva?

Some lame girl Miffytoki and me. Aww look we match. Even our glasses almost match. (she's a copycat)


So, this was mint_cake's bridal shower... since the food was taking soooooo long we made her open presents.


Aha... a book for her honeymoon in Paris!

Sarah and Jun cups!

Notice all the empty plates? Yeah, we ate already. Notice the menus? People are ordering seconds! If I had worn a jumper instead of a skirt I would have ordered dessert too ;_;

"Hey, I have a good idea, why don't we get a 30 scoop sunday?"

You though I was kidding huh? NOPE

Sarah had to give her thumbs up. It was HER party, after all!

Stella demonstrates herself in 2 years (see picture below)

My drawing of Stella in 2 years, preggers with a second brat wearing a mumu and sporting the typical korean woman perm. Stella's drawing of Debi in 2 years... is an earthworm. with saggy loop-sided boobs T_T

Jen and Sarah. So cute!

Sarah and friend Eva. Not sure if she has an LJ, but she is the seamstress who made Sarah's wedding dress. I can't wait to see pictures!

Obligatory Shoeshot™

Obligatory Buttshot™ (stella is a butt grabber)

Group shot! Me, miffytoki, frozenemotion9, mognetcentral, mint_cake, venus_ivy, Eva, Erika, and pinafore.



Matchy matchy!

Lolita battle to the death!!

buuunny time!

bunny attaaaaaaack.

Jen, such fluffy pillows you have.

The Jens!

~ Stella's House ~
later that evening...

Chocolate cake shots!

Opening the bottle to make lemon drops...

...or just to pound it?

Party girls with fru-fru drinks

Rob just looooves that cake hat!

Alright kids, this is how its done... (don't try it at home if you are underage. And if you do, don't tell them who taught you!)

Lemon smiles!

And I'm off with the tray to make some more shots!

The number of participants diminishes...

This pretty much sums it up.

I think we left her nice and relaxed for the evening.

Puppy time!

Time to go home...

Don't end up like this lolita.

*disclaimer* If you drink, have a designated driver. (Or just drink at your neighbors house like me!)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

oh yeah... Good luck Sarah, and thanks Stella for putting this together :D
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