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Hello again, egl.  I have fixed my images so they are all under the cut and no longer destroying your layout.  >.< Sorry about that.   And of course apologies to anyone who has to see this darned entry twice.  I guess.

Last Sunday, we had an epic trip to Rodef Shalom Biblical Gardens, the fountains of Oakland, and the Carousel. Good times were had by all, and I got to meet some lovely people. I took a ton of pics on gray_fire  's camera, and he took even more as the requisite "camera tree." Thank you very much!

I apologize in advance if I mess up anyone's LJ name. I'm pretty sure I got them right, but if you're like, ZOMG, THAZ NO ME, comment and I shall fix the damage and deliver unto you my firstborn child. Please feel free to use any of the pictures of yourself for any uses whatsoever, but eating them is not recommended and may damage your monitor.

WARNING: Image Heavy
. May cause overloads of the lace and ruffle variety. May be hazardous to anti-skirt feminists and men unsure of their sexuality. pgh_lolita assumes no responsibility for debts incurred by sudden urges for Btssb, Metamorphose, or even Bodyline. If you exhibit any of the following symptoms, contact your local fashion expert immediately. Symptoms include placing of lace doilys upon my head, repeatedly asking 'is this loli,' believing that everything needs moar race, and addiction to Japanese shopping sites. This post has NOT been approved by the FDA.

Without further ado I present to you...

Pittsburgh's September Gothic & Lolita Meet-up
(And yes, I AM the one glowing as white as her dress.)

At the Rodef-Shalom Biblical Gardens...

elven_beatnik  , pocky_pirate  , and libraes  .

yuribaby  and feytaline  (that be me.)


feytaline  resplendent in the red-headed stepchild of lolita, Bodyline. This dress was brought back from their store in Harajuku by my dear friend, and it's restored my faith that no, not all Bodyline stuff is instant crap. Shoes are Montreal, purse is CLAMP-tastic (aka Mokona.) Hair brought to you by humidity and damn-straightening-iron-does-nothing, face brought to you by migraines and sleep deprivation.

yuribaby  in what I believe she said was a handmade skirt. It's so pretty and ruffly!

pocky_pirate  in a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright skirt of awesome and Montreal shoes.

elven_beatnik  in a lovely dress, but I didn't catch what the brand is (I'm sorry! Enlighten us?)

Sarah With an "H" in K-star brought back from the U.K.

The lovely couple, elven_beatnik  and her boyfriend.

The ever adorable libraes  in a snazzy beret and skirt by arktoi  of Atelier Ingenue (who alas, is in New York doing that whole higher education thing.)

finn_troll  in an adorable dress she made herself.

Brittany (?) as a dashing aristocrat. Seriously, those gloves pull everything together.

From left: guendolen_sama  , Sarah With an "H", feytaline  , pocky_pirate  , yuribaby  .

guendolen_sama  and pocky_pirate  share a lovely debate on the origins of lace.

feytaline  learns some strange things at the biblical gardens...

feytaline  shares a special moment with Mr. Rogersaurus. (I mean how flippin cute is that?)

pocky_pirate  joins in on the fun, playing with the trolley that is inexplicably working its way up Mr. Rogersaurus's back.

Time to leave...

... or not.

Totally awesome photo--and unposed, too.

Line of Lolis! From left: elven_beatnik  , yuribaby  , libraes  , Brittany, finn_troll  , Sarah With An "H,"
feytaline  , guendolen_sama  , pocky_pirate  .

guendolen_sama  teaches feytaline  the meaning of "NEEDS MOAR RACE!!!"

feytaline  and Josh chillin' with the carnegiesaurus statue (life-sized for your viewing pleasure!)

pocky_pirate  and guendolen_sama  love dinosaurs.

All the little loli-chans, hopping through the forest... scooping up the normals and bopping them on the head...

From left: libraes  , finn_troll  , Sarah with an "H", pocky_pirate  , Brittany, Josh,elven_beatnik  , feytaline  , guendolen_sama  , yuribaby  . And some crazy statuary in the middle.

We're all kind of small so I'm not going to bother listing this one.

yuribaby  , Josh, elven_beatnik  , Brittany, pocky_pirate  , guendolen_sama  , finn_troll  , feytaline  , Sarah with an H, libraes  .

Brittany proves to be quite the dashing aristocrat as she prepares to throw pocky_pirate  into the fountain and eat her. Or maybe bake her cookies, throw her into the fountain, and THEN eat her. Loli soup, anyone?

Sarah with an H and pocky_pirate  's lovely non-loli friend who was kind enough to take many pictures for us makes an appearance here.

elven_beatnik  and finn_troll  's backs, as well as Josh's hair.

pocky_pirate  's elusive friend returns to pole dan--er ride the carousel!

elven_beatnik  and her love share a moment.

From the front this time!

Why yes, you ARE riding an obnoxiously gay seahorse. Even the seal beside you and the little girl waiting to get on are marveling at your choice.

And alas, that is all. I missed our lovely late arrivals, including aicell  and her friend and one of the two's little sister who was sweetly dressed for the occasion. TOO MUCH CUTE. I didn't take any pictures at Crepes Parisienne due to the crowding and that lovely little thing called migraine. But overall, I had a great time!

I really hope we get just as many people at the next one, although alas, if it is the awesome haunted walking tour that elven_beatnik suggested, I will be unable to make it due to my new job at Kennywood's Fright Nights (so EXCITED). Here's to next time!

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