Juli (juli_rawks) wrote in egl,

art post!

Today in class i doodled cut loli stuff until i had the bright idea to do something to outline for a stencil. I recently did this with a different picture to make a hoodie, so i thought I could find something to use this on right?

I have a question though: Should I ditch the parasol? I can't decide. It might look SUPER RETARDED otherwise, or just give the impression of a girl happily walking ans swinging her arms and legs (which is what I was going for, i love that pose and like it on lolitas since most loli pics are standing still). I fudged a cut on the umbrella so it's barely on there, and could be easily taken off. I don't knoooow. I totally freehanded this all too, so forgive the weird rocking horses.

hope you like :)

Also, what should I put it on? I was gong to do it on my new pink sweater but I'm not sure. Maybe on the pocket of it? here is another sweater with the inner stencil (like that one on the left) on the pocket. this shows the failed negative stencil. But it shows how the process works. I just want to put this somewhere cute :3

possible positioning ideas

I might add some words too to tie it up and because i love words (that aren't the basic shirt with phrase types). I'm not sure what to use though. maybe some of novala's stuff? I can't think of other loli writings really...

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