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TokyoPop update 2

Yes!  She was very quick to answer me!  :D  Not to mention she was very kind.  This woman is not only doing her research but she watches EGL and a lot of her information comes from some of our most awesome members and not just from media coverage.

She stated that she had read the posts and she was losing sleep over everything that was happening. 
"If you're passionate about something then you want to see it treated very well."

"We are trying to make it a balance between the hard core fans whom know everything about it and those who are new to it.  Trying to keep it open to them.  It's trying to keep a balance between the two.  Definitely not write it off as cosplay.  Definitely not write it off as maid.  Those are two completely different things.  We are trying to make it something that everyone can enjoy without damaging it's image. I know that a lot of people were saying 'why don't they talk to fans, we know, we know.' Truth be told Michielle Nigen (Sp?) who is now is Japan, was a member.  She goes by I_AM_CHUBBY_BUNNY (I can't remember how she wrote her user name.).  She ran one of the panals at Baltimore which is where I also met Sakura_Fairy.  We had her contacted for an interview to highlight the EGL community and its significance.  We had her contacted for an interview about herself in general."

Then she told me that Sakura_Fairy seemed to drop off the face of the planet for a few weeks and she has contacted a friend of hers to see if she can get a hold of her.

"If she doesn't contact me by the end of this week, I am going to try and contact Amy Major.  She will be going to the Anime fest to promote her book which is called 'Japan Ai.'  She is a member of the EGL community and I think they promoted her books for a while because she is so prominent and very well versed in gothic lolita fashion.  She makes her a lot of her own clothes and I know that she is a really great source to turn to."

I then told her about our concern already with people, mainly the gothic middle and high schoolers whom could missinterpret the fashion as some hot topic, gothic, cosplay thing.

"Well Hopefully I put some of your hearts at ease by saying we're definitely referring to the hard core fans that are in the community, are in the know, who have been doing this for a long time, with Michielle, Sakura_Fairy, Amy Major as I said.  I think that they're our most reliable sources, that we're going to these people."

"AmaniKitty (Spelling corrected!  :D ).  Totally not threatening!  I was totally sad that they were like, 'they're trying to step on our toes, they're trying to threaten our...' or anything like that.  It was totally just bad communication that we did not... I mean we asked our convention manager was their a panal yet and he said he'd look into it.  We don't  wanna undo anyone's panals at all and if anything we're gonna change our panal to be more focusing on the bible which is what we're doing and we should focus on the book.  As for the fashion, leave it to the experts.  If you guys are gonna discuss it, that's great, I hope you have a great turn out."

"We want to make it open to newbies without calling it cosplay."
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