Kyat (etched) wrote in egl,

So you've grown up and...

So a friend and I were talking about lolita fashion, and with the way trends come and go, she asked me what would I do if I had a great lolita wordrobe but I just wasnt into lolita as much.

Personally, I love combining fashion trends to get something a bit new. And my immediate thought was how people would work lolita into something... maybe a bit more acceptable by people in general. (Maybe walking down the street without getting too many weird looks)

So anyway, she asked me to come up with a visual example of what I would do, and here it is.

currently there seems to be this big trend with opaque tights and pretty platforms and high waisted belts, I wanted to bring all that in with still having some pretty lolita related peices.

This got me curious. What would you do if you still absolutely adored your pretty skirts and didnt want to sell them once you "grow out" of a particular fashion?

Tags: coordinates: questions, discussion: styles
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