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Feeling kinda threatened...

Okay, so I've been reading all the comments about how everybody's concerned about the commercialization of Lolita and whatnot, and I've always been kinda intimidated by this community, so I know I'm taking a big risk by posting this, but...

Is it really necessary to have a Lolita "lifestyle" to wear the clothes?

I've done my homework. I've read everything about the Victorian era I could get my hands on (because I've always been obsessed with their obsession with death), I bought the Summer issue of the Gothic and Lolita Bible recently at a con (and admire it practically every day), I LOVE THE LOLITA fashion. But it's not something I can afford to blow tons of money buying off the Internet.

Are you guys really THAT offended when some of us get our stuff from thrift stores and customize it? Or make our own outfits? I posted my first attempts at wearing Lolita a few months back, and got quite a bit of criticism, and when I saw some people at GenCon wearing Lolita and shared my concerns, they said it looked fine. Is it really required that everything we wear be super-expensive? Not all of us have that kind of budget. (I WISH I could afford a nice Meta dress... but no.)

And if I wear just jeans and a hoodie some days, alternating with my Lolita clothes, does that offend you? I can't wear it everyday- it seems impractical.

Don't get me wrong. I don't want to do Lolita because "it's the latest thing" or to be edgy or anything. I genuinely like it. But if it upsets some of you that much....

(I apologize if that came off as a flame or anything. I just want some perspective on things. Even if you guys tell me to stop, because I'm doing more harm than good, I'll probably keep going on anyway. So apologies for that in advance as well.)
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