Kitty (lucid_blulace) wrote in egl,

Grassroots Lolita Bible Campaign?

This might sound like a crazy idea (hell, it sounds like one to me) but I know how many people are skeptical of or even resentful towards Tokyopop and their efforts involving the lolita community. But what if, instead of just yelling at them, we fought back?

I know that our community has a wide range of people in different fields and with various talents and such. I think that combined we have the manpower and the resources to pull something off. My suggestion would be to take a stab at their market, via their so-called "westernized" version of the lolita bible.

My own personal fears, which you might share, is that this bible will be filled with things like cosplay, maid costumes, cheap lace, Gwen Stefani, Princess Ai, and Hot Topic. These are all things that the ignorant eye sometimes sees when they think about lolita, a perception we have been fighting to change for a long time. I'm afraid that Tokyopop's work might become a step in the opposite direction.

What we could do is build our own bible. There exist ways of self-publishing which won't break the bank. What I'd like to know is if this is something that you believe would be doable, enjoyable, beneficial, worthwhile, etc. (Even if you don't think it would affect anything, it might be fun ^^;) Another thing I'd like to know is if anyone would be willing to work on this project, and what you could bring to the table. Keep in mind that this IS a large thing to take on, and depending on your level of involvement it could be a bit demanding. Don't try to take on too much!

For me, I'd be willing to put quite a bit of my free time and effort into this. What I could bring to the table is my knowledge of graphic design, english studies (proof-reading/editing/writing and such), and any experience I have as a Business major.

If any of you have any other suggestions, that would be cool too. And I won't be offended if you think this is the worst idea ever, so feel free to say so. XD

EDIT: Several of you have expressed a concern regarding the possibility of such a thing hurting La Vie en Rose's market. This is the last thing I want to do! I do believe there are ways to avoid such a disaster; it would involve intense planning, strategy, and communication on both our parts. My intentions are not to make something like La Vie; they are a bi-monthly publication similar to a magazine. I would like to lean this project as close to the original bibles as possible; It would be more of a seasonal, annual, or bi-annual publication, sort of a "foundation publication". La Vie has the advantage over this with its frequency and versatility.

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