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Fellow denizens of the lolita community, I require your assistance.

Myself, nudeonthemoon, and snatch_patch are doing a panel on lolita at Nan Desu Kan, an anime convention in Denver.

We're putting together a power point presentation outlining the basics of lolita fashion and need some photos.

1. When you think of lolita, is there a "quintessential" photo/image that comes to mind? Something that really captures the essence of lolita to you? If there is, we would appreciate it if you'd post it here. We're looking for a variety of lolita styles, not just sweet.

2. Also, if any of you feel comfortable, we're also looking for a couple lolita "oops" pictures. So if you want to post any of those (of yourself, that is- we're not turning our panel into the Comm That Must Not Be Named), go ahead. We're not going to attach your name or seriously rip on anyone; we just need examples of mistakes for beginning lolitas to avoid (and yes, we are including early "oops" pictures of ourselves, too).


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