Sefie [Up Late for a Sun Cleric] (sefieslj) wrote in egl,
Sefie [Up Late for a Sun Cleric]

Does it really matter if you're black or white? (Coordination Question)

Soooo. I have an event to go to on Friday. And I can't decide on which colour to coordinate with.
Edit: Okay, the "event" is actually a Jfashion competition at an anime convention. I am not entering the competition, but will be in the spotlight for a very short amount of time.

Black coordinate
Not that you can see it, but it has a neck jabot, and small bow at the neck. Sleeves are frilled, and trimmed with teeny cotton lace.

White coordinate
High collar, plain neck and cuff ruffles

Please excuse the wild hair and blurry photos, but all I want to know is just whether I should go black or white :\ The husband says white, but he generally prefers sweeter outfits to gothic ones. Which, of course, guaranteed that my BtSSB luckypack was almost all black.

What say you, global village?
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