kimmm (xbiteyourtongue) wrote in egl,


This was sent in an email from A. Jinnie McManus (whom I believe is on here somewhere?). Anyone on that particular mailing list will have received the email as well. (Or so I am assuming! I could be lying.)

"Good evening,

This information has not even hit the press yet. As promised, you guys
are the first to know.

Pacific Media Expo and Cosplay Oneesan are proud to welcome (a brand),
known for the hottest in Japanese street fashion, who will be making
their first American appearance.

Additional activities in the EGL programming track will include:

- A panel where fans can directly speak to (the brand guests)
- an exclusive Fashion Brunch, ticketed similarly to the Unbirthday
Party last year, with plenty of perks for top-level ticket buyers.
- a boutique where items are available without shipping worries!
- Twisted Tea Party

This announcement will officially occur next week. Feel free to copy
and paste this email to others wondering what's happening at PMX this

As always, I'm available for any further questions. And more details soon. ;)"
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