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community for lolitas in wisconsin

hello ladies! (^_^)/"'♥~

i just wanted to let anyone that may live in wisconsin know that jessickoffee and i have started madison_lolita, a community for lolitas or aristocrats in wisconsin, specifically in madison. please feel free to join us, we'd love new members!

since we are such a small community we do ask that you make an introduction post, the form is on our profile page. also, we tend to be somewhat eccentric *ahem* so please be tolerant! what unites us is our intense love of japanese culture and fashion. ♥

be sure you read about our planned slumber party for october, we're hoping to carve pumpkins, drink sake, bob for apples, bake cookies, drink sake, tell ghost stories, watch horror flicks, drink sake, and maybe haunt a graveyard or two. and drink sake. (^_*)b

♥ mods please delete if inappropriate ♥
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