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cidsa rocks! :D

After exactly a month of waiting, I finally have every goddamn photo edited and resized and everything. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm talking about NYC's epic meetup of August 11th, with the largest attendance of lolitas I have seen in all my borned days. We hit the Chelsea Market, Union Square and St. Marks, and I think it was a good day for all.

60 candids, 78 professional photos by pierraxryuka of Green Sky Photography. If you take any of her images, you MUST credit her! Candids are a mix of photos by me, misadesu, teh_janitor_jim, and harumoni. Thanks for donating your photos, guys :D

Kara writing in the little notebook I bought for everbody to write their outfit rundowns in on the B train, where for once we were on time lol.

Amber, on the other hand, was running late as usual .-.

The Jersey girls were early, but they decided to entertain themselves on the way to the meetup...

We were scheduled to meet at 2pm at the Chelsea Market, but amazingly, I arrived 15 minutes early with Kara, finding Mary and Millie at the turnstiles. Even more amazingly, all the Jersey lolitas were already there waiting for us! Things were starting out awesomely. Some more Philly folks joined us as everybody greeted each other... Then more, and more, and more... Thankfully there was a big pocket of space for us to pile into, but civilian passerby were looking confused, curious, amused, or all three. People kept asking us what we were doing; I think at one point I told someone it was a birthday party.

This is the only photo Blight turns up in, because iirc the Market ate her wallet and she wasn't able to join us on the train later.

Claudia and Martha decided to save themselves some cash and... brought cupcakes! Ericka also brought pb&j.

Martha needs to tell you something.


I chose to stand on this narrow little bench against the wall in rockinghorses every time I had an announcement to make. It worked, but I needed help getting down every time lol.

ort ort

Angela's got MAGIC HANDS

I caught this woman blatantly stopping to take photos of us, so I shot one back of her. Yeah, I bet you're confused, lady.

Oh by the way, it was Nikki's birthday lol! She looks surprised by the fact.

After we figured we had mostly everybody we were gonna get, I stood precariously on the bench again and told everybody to scatter throughout the market and get food. Mary suggested our own little faction go to the T Salon for tea and food, and off we went.

Hey guys, the only button that'll light up is 5...

We ended up not on another floor of shops, which apparently doesn't exist, but staring the secretary at NY1 in the eyes. Uhh...


This retard I figure we might as well check all the way in the back instead, which is where we ended up finding it.

They pushed together half the chairs in the place for us to sit around the biggest table, and I think we became a source of amusement for the staff. I ordered a green tea smoothie and spent approximately half the time on the phone trying to direct people.

caption goes here, i am failing at them this morning

We finished our tea, got sushi at another place on the way back to the main meeting spot, and I can't remember much more than rushing back and forth for some reason. Several more people joined us, including our photographer Midori. We figured then we'd had enough of the Market and shoved off. At this point we had about our average attendance of the day of slightly over 30.

We started walking to a park, but it turned out to be a playground full of children. NO THANKS

I'm not sure you understand how huge this meetup was

but this woman does

8th Avenue was the last/first stop on the L (which p.s. is run by robots, no fun there), so we completely took over a car for ourselves, which few civilians were spaced-out enough to join us on.

I can't even think of an appropriate caption for this but I couldn't stop loling at Rei's facial expression

[the next four are by Midori]

At Union Square I herded everybody off the train and above ground, where we walked to the Zieg Heil Washington statue only to find there was absolutely no seating for us, unless we all wanted to sit our petticoats in the mud. In the end, we walked into a little side area of the lawn by a nice fountain-looking statue, and waited our turns to have Midori take our photos. I kind of lost my head every time somebody wandered off--have you ever tried keeping track of 35 people?--but I think at that point I was just overly frazzled and needed a chill pill, hard.

We were getting bored in our little pen, so we started taking group shots by color. I look so pissed off, wtf was wrong with me lol.

I went to join the reds too, but my hostess duties came up again (I forget what) and I ruined the shot... I can't remember though what was so amazing that everybody but Claudia turned around.


And then came the cursed Jersey group shot--every shot ever taken of it had some kind of weird shadow over it.

And now finally... the professional photos!~
All the rundowns are written exactly as each person wrote them, for the record.

Yanise and Amber/bakaneko47 and amanikitty

Homemade blouse
Btssb - bow, socks
Shoes - unknown...lol
JSK - Momo's

-Jsk: BtSSB
-Random nude panty hose
-Shoes: BtSSB
-Cardigan: borrowed from Carla
-Bag: Same
-Parasol: Same
-Earrings: Same. xD

Ai and Nikki/ailolita and androgyny___ (the birthday girl!)

Dress - F+F
Wristlets - handmade
Necklace - Target
Shoes - Ling Lam
No brand socks
Bag - Ling Lam

Hat, shirt, jacket, shorts, shoes: Off-brand.

Kelsey and Aya/legsdiamond and burrikoxp

OP: I Do Declare
Bag + socks: Baby
Shoes: Montreal
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood

Bonnet, dress: BABY
Blouse: MAM
Pannier: Off brand
Socks: Heart E
Shoes: Antenna
Bag: Hello Kitty ♥

Bianca, [Sakura's boyfriend who tore his page out of the notebook], Sakura/drowningofsoul, boyfriend and fallnsakura9

Jumper: Moitie
Blouse: Moitie
Parasol: Moitie
Bloomers: Moitie
Petticoat: Moitie
Cross: Moitie
Earrings: Moitie
Purse: Moitie
Socks: Moitie
Shoes: Moitie
Crown: Suppurate System

Dress: Moi Meme Moitie
Shoes: Moi Meme Moitie
Crown: Suppurate System
Petti: Candy Violet
Parasol: Moi Meme Moitie

Carolyn and Xanet/(no lj) and 21stcherryboy

JSK + Blouse - Fan+Friend
Crappy payless shoes to walk in [lol]

Skirt: Lisa (kiyomi23)
Petticoat: Katherine (traumerei
Everything else is a secret!

Aisha and Monica/misadesu and crownpeach (please correct me if I'm wrong, it's been a month since I learned these names!

Skirt + jewelry: Me [made by her]
Blouse: Forever 21
Bag: Baby
Shoes: Macy's

Dress: Homemade
Shoes: ?
Headdress: Homemade

Rachel and Kara/silver_youko and yuki_dragon

Alice bow and JSK - Designed and commissioned from nessaneko/hearts_princess
Blouse - Baby replica
Socks - Meta
Bag - Meta
Parasol - Meta
Shoes - Demonia

Bow: Made by kisei_prophet
Blouse: Offbrand
Skirt: Innocent World
Pettis: Offbrand and Leg Avenue
Socks: Offbrand
Shoes: Offbrand
Bag: Cynthia Rowley [borrowed from me]
Jewelry: Knockoff VW, South Street, Charlotte Russe, vintage, and class and camp rings

Claudia, Morgan, Rei and Mary/cecily_not_me, darcia26, nerorizim, and tropigalia

Shirt - Meta
Skirt - ITS, socks too!
Shoes + accessories - off-brand
bag - random hippie store [clock bag ftw!]

Morgan [I'm guessing at her outfit because she didn't write in the book!]
Hairties: Y!J
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Angelic Pretty

JSK - Meta
Boots - Demonia (I think)
[oh very informative Rei lol]

Hat, necklace, underskirt: sakurafairy
Shoes: Montreal
Bag: AP

Ericka and Brian/teh_janitor_jim and maverick_x329

Hat - Applesugar
OP - homemade
Socks - random small sock shop
Shoes - from random store in the Philippines
Bag - The Gap

White dress shirt
Black suede vest
Black pants
No-name army boots

Martha, Valeesa and Angela/marthaness, harumoni and archfaith

Bloue - Metamorphose
Skirt: Bodyline
Shoes: Demonia
Bag: Vintage modification
Hairbows: Offbrand

Shirt - stolen from mother
Vest - ditto
Pants - Tripp
Shoes: Demonia

Blouse - F+F
Petticoat + socks - ITS
Bloomers - Meta
Shoes: Montreal
Headdress - Rakuen
Bag - Coach
Parasol - Uniqlo

Brandon, [forgot name], [forgot name but is boyfriend of Crystal], Crystal/[no lj name], [same], [ditto], myzetenal

Vivienne Westwood: Necklace, rockinghorses
Gothic Doll outfit
100% Dreamweaver weave

H&M blouse
Bodyline skirt
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright shoes

Regina and Miozotiz/tokyosheart and [no lj name]

Headdress - off-brand
Blouse - Rakuen
Skirt - ITS
Stocking - off-brand
Shoes - Demonia
Bag - Meta

- Long black dress
- Long sleeve, see-through shirt
- Long high-hill shoes
- Cross-chocker
- Butterfly-mirror neckles
- Black ring

Oh god it's me and I'm ruining this photo


Millie and Carla [myself]/cupcakecadaver and ugly_kitties (meeeee)

Dress + headdress: Meta
Parasol: Baby
Blouse: Baby
Other: offbrand :)

Bow: made by kisei_prophet
Cutsew: Angelic Prerry
Skirt: In the Starlight
Petticoat: In the Starlight
Bloomers: Metamorphose
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Rose Chocolat
Bag: BtSSB
Jewelry: Claire's
Watch: Summer
Parasol Disney World (borrowed)


After Mido's photos in Union Square Park, we hung around for a smidge more, answering questions from the public, fending off photographers, and being hooked into conversation by little old ladies. A few people left our group, and we headed on toward St. Mark's Place. We hit Trash & Vaudeville, The Sock Man, Love Saves the Day and Toy Tokyo, but I think Trash was the biggest hit. I myself got no shopping done because I was running back and forth, but so long as everybody was having fun and happy, that's enough for me.

Tired, feet are. Sit down, we must. (sez Angela, I'm sure)

Mary and Martha browsing the o-so-elegant Underground boot selection

Aisha tries on shoes that are a half-size too small and documents her pain for great justice.

oh mah gawd, shoes

Oh, Mary lol. As Mary stood with her signature burger, some drunk guys came up and demanded that she start yodeling. Mary complied, which apparently made them decide we were all fair game, and one of them started touching my bow while I was mid-sentence. I just ducked under his hand and went on my merry way lol.

After shopping we headed to the Australian ice cream shop, and were harassed by moar drunkards or brainless punks on the way. The hypocrisy in punk kids laughing nervously at our outfits is hilarious. Lisa and Melissa appeared, just as I sent half the out-of-towners on their way home.

JSK - Heart E
Blouse - H&M
Shoes - Hot Topic
No brand socks

Thrift store shirt and belt
Hot Topic vest, hat and coffin purse
Marshall's pants
Trash & Vaudeville stockings
Custom-made tie
MAC makeup
eBay shoes
Waitress apron (King of Prussia mall)

That's right.

The meetup was officially over, but Lisa and Melissa still wanted to shop, and so did Kara. Since Kara was my houseguest I couldn't direct them to the shopping and go home (GOD my feet felt like knives), so I hung around and we re-hit Love Saves the Day, where I finally actually shopped and grabbed myself a Marie Antoinette lollipop for $2.

This is what you'll get when you send me the rest of your payment, Caroliiiine! ♥

AAAAAAAAAAAAAND done. This post took forever to write! D:


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  • Help about Alice + Fururn

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