rachel (cutelostalice) wrote in egl,

Double Decker Shoes

Hey everyone~ :D I realllly love the white 5belt 10hole boots~ I think they're the cutest boots, and would look wonderful for a punkloli outfit~ ^^ Anyway to my question....It says the smallest size the shoes come is 23.0, is that in men's size or women's? :/ I'm guessing men's..but I wasn't sure x3;

Oh, and if it's in men's sizes, then that means the shoes is about a size 6.5 in US women's ne? and well..I'm a women's 5.5 (a curse sometimes it seems x3; ) do you think they'll fit..? or will they be WAYYYY to big? Maybe do the shoes run small? -__-;; I hopeee~

oh, and the shoes arn't reallll leather ne? I'm guessing not since they're 2 for $100 but I thought I should ask~ ^^;

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