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Kumoricon day 2!

~ Day 2 ~
Sunday, September 2nd

Pardon the bits of cam-whoring, but I was thrilled about my hair because master stylist swdpunk got it to curl, something that its never done before. ever.

So, a little before and after...

And off we go, cliché shoe shot...

Since this was my last day at the con, we did one quick round at the slightly pathetic dealer's hall. And then we stopped by to greet khaosvanity and friend at their art booth.

Goodbye Kumoricon!

Yeah, way to ruin the shot Alice!

I kept calling them tornados until my mom saw me and exclaimed that I had ice cream cones for hair.


Nevermind me and Caroline, look at Victoria.

Again, we managed to coordinate with blues and blacks today. Uncanny.

On our way to caketown, I had to get a picture of me and the duck. Well, I *WAS* a tourist. (bleh retarded squinty grin look)

Caketown time! (Yes she ate BOTH CAKES. by herself)

Mmm cheesecake! (Victoria is behind her saying give me some!)

Some of up opted for actual food for lunch instead of just sweets. Yum Yum.

But the cakes looked soooooo good.

Working on cake 2. Nom Nom Nom.

Happy times!

And then it was time to walk off stuffed bellies. We ended up at Lush, and apparently Victoria was still hungry (and angry?). "Take this soap cupcake!"

Eww taste like soap!

Smells... like... strawberries...

And then I found the purse version of my dog Imo. It was cute but not $40 cute. (Imo on my icon is my dogs name, not "in my opinion" :P).

Just like a movie star.

I totally regret not buying these glasses.

Because boas should be a lolita accessory.

If this wasn't a 50lb doorstop, it would be in my house right now T_T

We did find an orca. ORCA!





Just for Caroline!

And lastly, I stopped at the rose garden with my mom after saying goodbye to the OR lolitas.

Bonus picture. Just for you Carla!

Sorry for lame commentary, I'm kind of sick and running on less than 2 hours of sleep (excuses excuses!)

Kumoricon day 0 and 1 pictures posted here

And, for some time in the future: Would anybody be interested in a tutorial on taking photos and cleaning them up/color correcting in photoshop? I'm not a very good photographer but I can probably provide some helpful tips for post production. Carnet seemed to like the idea but I wanted to see how many people would actually find it helpful. So, let me know! I hope you liked the pictures :D
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