royalgreeen (royalgreeen) wrote in egl,

cutsew R&D

I recently took bout a month on knits at my fashion school, and thought about the fact that there isn't much available in "cutsew" styles outside of Japan. You'll see the occasional screen printed t-shirt, or a ruffle put on it or something, but I'm interested in making all kind of variations here (I made 2 pairs of panties and 3 shirts - 1 was to the waist with long sleeves, 1 was too the hip with short, poofy sleeves, and 1 was to the waist with no sleeves)

Anyways. I don't own anything "brand" so I don't have anything to compare my own stuff to up close, I need some opinions from you lovely ladies :D

what brand of cutsew top do you own?
what size do you normally wear t-shirts in, how do they compare?
what would you change about your brand cutsew top to make it better? (more comfortable, prettier?)
Is there any lace sewn on? is the lace flat, or would it "stretch" when worn?
Anything else you'd like to share? (link to it on the website, photos, etc)

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