The Abominable Chax (miyu_sakura) wrote in egl,
The Abominable Chax

Lolitas Found In Hipster Dumpster. Cory Kennedy Whereabouts Remain Unknown.

A Lolita!
And another!
And moar!
DELICIOUS GOTHIC LOLITAS AT LAST! (thanks to the person who pointed them out! :3)

The site itself seems to be some sort of giant collective of Finnish hipsters who are taking the vintage thriftstore + 80s revival + Japanese street fashion mishmash much farther than the UN has authorized. Acid-washed jeans are an abomination unto the Lord and he sports them to the Saturday night loft party shall be struck down with boils and pestilence.

I find it interesting that these Lolitas are all so young. In the GLB you usually see girls between 15-20 in Lolita, but in the West it seemed to be a fashion for the older crowd because of the expense and effort it takes to obtain Lolita clothing. Now that Lolita is getting more widely available and cheaper, we're seeing younger Lolitas and a ton of Sweet Lolitas.

I miss you Gothics! Come out of hiding!

And before you ask this is Cory Kennedy. No comments on her. I think the picture of her climbing out of a dumpster at a hipster party one night says it all.

Anyway, I'd be interested in seeing opinions on combining Lolita with your everyday wear, similar to the new trend of taking high-fashion pieces and dressing them down with ordinary clothing. (Like taking your Chanel black dress and wearing it with cowboy boots from the thrift store).

I think a lot of people mistake Lolita for cosplay simply because a lot of people just wear Lolita on weekends, to meetups, or to conventions. In Japan the younger Lolitas don't wear it everyday because they've got school uniforms, but I know that the more mature crowd does wear it on a daily basis, usually with less formality. daily_lolita is pretty great because you get to see people in what they put on just for running around in, but I'd really like to see examples of how people wear Lolita in their wardrobe without it being 100% Lolita. For instance, pairing a cutsew with jeans. Not a Lolita outfit at all, but still quite girly, particularly if you accessorize it cutely. Also, what do you buy in stores when you are trying to get everyday pieces into your closet that follow Lolita aesthetics? I buy a lot of jumpers at H&M and Forever 21, although the recent shapeless trend is a real turnoff for me.

So let's have a community discussion:

1) Pairing Lolita with other things in a "wardrobe remix"? How do you get more versatility out of those expensive little dresses?
2) Lolitas vs hipsters. The epic battle?
3) Where are your favorite shops to find things which aren't outright Lolita but that a Lolita might like? (I am looking at you European Lolitas particularly.)
4) Post your favorite non-Japanese brand, non-Lolita brand "lucky finds". Like the H&M party dress with the flocking that everyone loved so much as a dressy Lolita piece.

Tags: discussion: favorites in lolita, discussion: reactions to lolita, discussion: styles
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