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Meet-up Ideas

Hello there, new here, first post. Delete if inappropriate, of course.

While google image-searching for pictures of Regency mansions, I came across a site, which gave me an idea.

Everyone loves meet-ups, right? And most are interested in Victoriana, correct? Well, this is the site I found. - Large Holiday Houses in Scotland (how google knew I was in Scotland, I don't know).

Obviously this would be most convenient for UK based Lolitas, but I'm sure there are similar things in America and Germany and all. The only draw back is that it's quite expensive. Depended on the house, about £100 per person for three-night stays or full rental (which I think is about a week).

Basically the idea is that we could have a taste of the old-fashioned, high-class lifestyle for a few days and act the part. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, certainly, it wouldn’t be the kind of thing I’d want to do full-time. I’m not even a full-time lolita, I’m a candy-raver (everyone has different aspects to their personality). But it sounds like it could be a lot of fun, and very appropriate.

Another possibility would be to bring a photographer along. To save money, we could get a collage student who’s interested in figure-composition, or even one who’s trying to get into collage and is building a portfolio. The hostess could pay his fee so he gets a free holiday and plenty of subject matter to work with. One might even be able to convince him to dress the part.

So, we could have tea parties, sit by the fire at night listening to classical music, watch movies and generally have a loli-time. :)

This one is quite nice. Arrive Friday, depart Monday in low season (5 Jan - 8 Mar/1 Nov - 13 Dec) - If 21 lolis went, paying £75 each, the Hostess would only pay £25 for herself and the photographer, so the hostess could also pay the house keeping deposit, and supply the food (catering would be extra). - 1 week in low season, 13 lolis paying £90 each with same as above. - 10 lolis £100 each, for three nights in low season. - This one is expensive, but it's a castle. 12 lolis, £120 each, for 3 nights in low season.

Sorry about sounding like an advert. Obviously, it's just an idea and maybe not a very feasible one, but it is nice~

Expensive, but nice~

Also, sorry if I'm Inadvertently a n00b in some way

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