lady minirex (scarletgeryon) wrote in egl,
lady minirex

i'm a vintage dress addict who used to dabble in the lolita thing (and i still do, but being much taller and bustier than i used to be has limited my ability to pull off a lot of things.) lately, i've noticed a lot of striking similarities between lolita fashion and 1950's square dance dresses- gingham, ruffles, dainty little bows, petticoats, very full/short circle skirts etc.

have any of you ever worn vintage items like these in a lolita context? i have this fabulous brown/cream ruffly gingham vintage dress that i'm contemplating wearing to a "goth" tea party, and i'm going back and forth on whether or not it would work.

p.s. i'm new here. hello!

EDIT: pictures of the dress under cut- i appologize for the terrible quality. i don't have a real camera, so i usually just get friends to take pictures of me when they have the time.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

the skirt might look much better with a petticoat, but i am dubious about the sleeves. it was the neckline and trim that made me think it might work.
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