~Sheyne~ (neku_niku) wrote in egl,

Another Last min 21+ Lolita Gathering in LA

hey there.
Gah, sorry for making all these announcements super last min like... it seems I'm doomed to never be able to plan too far out in advance~

Time for our 2'ed official 21+ "lets get tipsy and not spill wine on our fancy clothing" gathering!

Vinum Populi, Yelp Reviews, and Location

This Sunday, Sept 9th

Happy hour is 5:30 until 7:30, so how about we meet up at 6pm (and I will NOT be late this time around)
and we will go until we are good and done!

I don't know about this turn out, but I know for sure at least myself, mel, eron, and Loren (maybe even Jenny) will be there!

this is the infamous "Wine-o-mat" that pour_me_coffee and her guy rave about, where you buy a card and get wine vending machine style, so we can try super pricey wines and only have to play for 4oz of it!

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