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Orlando Labor Day Meetup

So for Labor Day (well, they day before anyway), Central Florida Lolitas decided to meetup at a Tea House and then move onto a few other places and ultimately, the movies.

Here we are at Infusion Tea. Yes, we are sitting outside in the FL humidity because the jerk that I called in advance failed to inform me that there was a 30 person bridal shower, so there wasn't any room left inside. We were dying... Oh, well, the food was fantastic and they had yummy hibiscus berry iced tea.
From left to right: lotusx, meetbalhed, me designwonder, and me_shell_lee.

From left to right: darkrose13 and her boyfriend

From left to right: angebleu, xpolkapunkx, and xpolkapunkx's friend (I'm not sure if she has a LJ)

A very nice group shot. This is in front of a fountain near the movie theater we went to. We got a lot of nice compliments in our outfits, until we got out of the movie theater and there were a bunch of 12-14 year-olds out front. One boy came up behind darkrose13 and screamed "Bunny!" while grabbing her bunny bag. Then he saw my bag and came up behind me and grabbed and sniffed my bunny bag. Needless to say, we left after that. Rude little jerk.

A big thanks to darkrose13's boyfriend and xpolkapunkx's boyfriend for their photography skills.

Despite the upsets, we all had a blast! I hope that we are able to do something like this again.
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