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Please support La Vie En Rose with your submissions!

Hello all,

We’ve had a great reception for our first issue, and we’d like to thank the Loli community for helping La Vie get off the ground! Lolis have ordered from around the world: the U.S., Canada, Spain, Australia, England, Germany and more! 9 countries and 22 states within the U.S. in all. :)

(If you've friended la_vie_en_lj you've already seen some of this, but we've updated with new requests and would like to reach as many people as we can.)

We’re now working on the second issue of La Vie En Rose, for October/November, and it’s important to us that we include you, our readers, in every issue we produce. So here’s your chance to help out, and be in, the next issue of La Vie! Please read below and see how you can help support us so we can help support you and all the other English-speaking Lolis out there.

-International Profile. Would you like to introduce Lolis around the world to your country or state and the Lolis in it? Please let us know! We had a lovely Finland piece in the first issue that's gotten a great response, and we're hoping to continue the feature in every issue. So we're currently looking for a profile on a country (or area within the U.S.), around 300-1,000 words plus as many photos as you can throw at us. If you're interested, please write editorial@la-vie-en-web.com and let's talk about giving your local Loli group the La Vie spotlight. :)

-Foreign languages. While La Vie is an English-language magazine, we'd like to include one short article per issue written bilingually: written in a Loli's native language and again in English, to further strengthen our connection with Lolis around the world and to give English-speaking Lolis exposure to something they may not see as often. We had a great Dutch/English book review in the first issue and would again like to continue this in the future. So... sprechen Sie Deutsch und Englisch? Habla Usted español y inglés? 英語が出来る日本人ですか?(I'd write Russian here but I can't use Cyrillic... anyway, you get the point. ;) ) If you can write in both your native language and English, please write us at editorial@la-vie-en-web.com and give your native language a chance to be in La Vie En Rose!

-What Are You Thankful For? Our next issue will cover October and November, which is, of course, Thanksgiving time! Even if you’re in a country that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, we all have things we’re thankful for. So send us a short sentence or paragraph about what or who you’re thankful for, whether one thing or ten, funny or serious, Loli or not, to editorial@la-vie-en-web.com along with your real first name (or a pen name that sounds real) and the title “Thanks For”. :)

Feel free to send photos and captions as well (maybe your pet, for example, but please no photos of other people unless you can prove you have their permission it’s ok for them to appear in the magazine).

-Ask a Loli! Have a Loli-related question, funny or serious? Ask our resident Lady of the Lace, Queen of Lolidom, and she may bestow her wisdom upon you. Please send your question with a clearly fake name (our first issue had a question from a Miss Rufflebutt, as an example) to editorial@la-vie-en-web.com with the title “Ask a Loli”.

-Reader Photo Gallery: We’d love to have photos of you in Loli! Non-professional, casual shots are ok, of course, but please make sure the lighting is good enough and the shot clear enough we can see you. Please send the largest file size .tif or .jpg you can along with your real first name (or a pen first name that sounds real)to art@la-vie-en-web.com, with the title “Reader Photos”. Please make sure you are the only one in the photo, unless you can prove you have permission from the other people in it that it’s ok to publish.

-Reader Art Gallery: Just like above, only for your Loli and Loli-friendly art! Non-professional skill level is ok, of course, as this is our reader art gallery and not a professional submission. Please send the largest file size .tif or .jpg you can along with your real first name (or a pen first name that sounds real) to art@la-vie-en-web.com, with the title “Reader Art”.


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