:D (pipebomb_here) wrote in egl,

Picture Request// Event UK

Hello all, theres going to be an expo soon and theres going to be a nice lolita event.

The event itself is going to be a tea party with an arangement of tables. From what I have been told, the tables will be roped off from the public but people can come and take pictures of the lolitas. It's got a pretty good dress code too.

It's on November the 4th. More info here : http://mangaexpo.comicexpo.net/

Anyway, the site needs some gothic lolita pictures to advertise that section and would like pictures of UK based lolita's in a diffrent range of styles.

I think this event will be a good chance to help people get a better understanding of what lolita is and theres more to it then just black and white and lace.

So please, post your pics and I will send them off to the event organisers. thanks x
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