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Question relating to a previous post on EGL

I've exhausted the EGL memoirs and came up with this post regarding loli shops in HK.
It was really useful..and it's a shame that most of the shops had or have since closed down u_u
However, the list of shops includes; 

9. knock off shoes $31 ($20)-25 mong kok - mong kok center/ shin no city

...And I'm wondering if this shop still exists and where exactly I would find Mong Kok centre. 

I know I can buy shoes online, or from Anna House, but I am mostly* looking for rocking horse shoes, and want to avoid shipping costs if possible.

It would also be nice to actually try the shoes on and get the exact fit...I have problems with fitting into shoes because of my high arches.

Appreciate your help ^__^

*Mostly meaning I will probably intend to buy 1 pair of shoes and end up buying about 5....then exceed my baggage allowance! o_o

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