Maia (chibi_ice_wolf) wrote in egl,

Fashion Show

Calling all sewing lolitas! Otaku University, an anime conference coming up this September 29-30 in sunny Mesa, Arizona, is looking for contestants for the Fashion Show. Contestants are encouraged to enter two designs (with the use of models), one into both the "costume" and "apparel" categories, but it's not required to enter both. Handmade, original lolita or lolita-inspired designs would be eligible for the "apparel" category (as would outfits influenced by any other Japanese fashion). I encourage anyone who is interested to sign-up or ask me if you have any questions or concerns. :)

One of the judges who the designs will be presented to is Dennita Sewell, the Curator of Fashion Design from the Phoenix Art Museum. This is an opportunity to not only showcase your designs and compete for the prize, but get feedback from professionals.

More info here:

If you want to ask me a question about it privately, my personal e-mail is chibiicewolf (at) gmail (dot) com.

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