bcbcbv (kyolicious666) wrote in egl,

Help a newcomer to Pirate Lolita :D

So, I've never done pirate lolita, but with the Decemberists coming to my town and having some cash saved up, I figured there was no better time to try. Since I don't generally associate pink/baby blue with pirates, I am hoping to create a black based outfit, or darker colors. So really, Im just looking for advice on where/what/how to buy/commision/etc. from veteran pirate lolis, or just people who know their stuff! More info under the cut!

Now, since I am a rather larger lolita (bust: 42 inches, waist: 33 inches) I know very well I cannot simply buy a Alice and the pirates onepiece and call it a day. However, I will most likely buy a headpiece there, unless anyone knows of a better/cheaper place to.
As far as a op or jsk or skirt/shirt part goes, im completely lost.
Im very fond of this AaTP dress (f+f reproduction pictured)

But F+F replica looks iffy and im sure it could be done better.
All in all, I was curious as to where/if I should commision, where to buy, etc. Even pictures of pirate lolita outfits would help.
Sorry if anyone is confused by this.
Delete if innapropriate, etc.
Thanks for the help : )
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