Meriel (meriel_leirem) wrote in egl,

outfit planning advice

I’m working on an outfit for a meet-up, I made a design I’ll sew with my mum and I’d like to have some advice from you ladies (and gentlemen) on outfit details and accessories :)

excuse my poor drawing skills
this is how the front of the dress should look like:

The hem is inspired by this Mary Magdalene dress
I'll be wearing quite a simple black blouse with rounded collar which will be customized with some lace, I saw a fabric today, I still have to check if I really want to use it but it would be a thick fabric black with big beige/brown flowers, it has a classic touch in my opinion. On the legs I'll probably wear overknees with bows in black and red shoes if the red goes with the fabric, I couldn't check yet.

Now the first question: I'm not sure yet how I want to have the back, you can't really see on the front picture but it's supposed to be one of those dresses with only straps in the back and I'm not sure if I should cross them or not. I'm leaning towards not crossing them, because I think it gives the dress too much of an apron feel, but I'm just not sure.

Second question: I think the front looks a bit empty, what could I do at the top part of the dress to "loli it up"?

Third question: What accessories should I wear? For the hair I think I'll leave it open, I'm searching a hat, if I don't find one I'm not sure yet if I'll make a bow or a headdress out of the same fabric as the dress. But do I need something more?

General criticism on the outfit is welcome too, of course, thank you for the feedback, I hope I'm not bothering you and I'm happy about any advice.

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