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Gyakurori Day @ Disneyland!!! ♥

Pinkloli koni (lil_k_chan) + kurololi mai (neurose) has gone gyaku for a day! (*^▽^)(^▽^*)
Does switching suit us? niau kana?? ^^;


The day before we decided to head to Disneyland we tried on our outfits (don't mind our not curled hair xDDD;;)

When we arrived at Disneyland the first place we decided to head was for Fantasy Land. This is us in the tea cup!! ... even though we didn't ride on the tea cup ride >.>;; ...

Later we found a small cottage to take a picture in front of. ^0^99

After Fantasy Land we headed for ToonTown to meet Mickey and Minnie!!! Sadly Minnie was missing, but we were able to take pictures with Mickey xDDD

This was us when we went to New Orleans (I think?) and some random man asked to take a picture of us ... and I (Mai) don't know where I'm looking www.

(Koni) maichuu! look at the camera! ^w^
(Mai) ..hai...

Before leaving Disneyland for California Adventure we stopped by Main Street to buy candy!!! ♥♥

Here's random filler?

And before we left we took a picture with Walt and Mickey xDD;;

Mai (neurose):
- Pink Angelic Pretty one piece

Koni (lil_k_chan):
- Black and white BabySSB one piece
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