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Ebay (or other online store) challenge!

Hello ladies and gentlemen;
I was hopping through Ebay and a though occured. Is there another option for those of us that can't afford brand (or can afford it, but want brand items from stores that do not ship to our home countries without expensive carrier services)? The answer came slamming back, heck yes, check the memories (like the darling "create an outfit with nonbrand items"). I would like to revive this challenge, but with a twist. Find something online, post it, and tell how you would tweek it (or revamp it) so that it would fit perfectly within your twist on the Goth Loli style. Confusing? I'll start:

from ibazeonline I like the look, but I would first have black velvet ribbon sewn over all the red piping, and clip black velvet bows over the buckles in front. And perhapes, line a bit of black cotten lace under the corset so it just "peeks" over the edge of the corset line. Does that make sense? If you want to, please try an example of your own!

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