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Yes, yes, I know! "Where's the photos from the EPIC MEETUP?" I have all the candids now (unless someone else hasn't sent me candids!), but I'm still waiting on the professional shots from pierraxryuka, who was our lovely photographer for the day. Please be patient with us both! In the meantime...

I have class Saturdays now--a six-hour slog of a draping class--so I won't be able to host the first part of this meetup, but luckily amanikitty has volunteered to be my "puppet hostess," so to speak. Thanks Amber :'D

Please be at 79th st and Columbus ave at 12:30pm, September 8th.

The plan is to attend the Mythic Creatures exhibit at the Museum of Natural History, which I've been told by museum workers usually sells out early in the day, followed by a short walk to the first chapter of Alice's Tea Cup for a mid-afternoon lunch. I get out of class at 4, so I'll probably be joining you ladies toward the end of this.

There will be, of course, one more thing to do, but unless there's general dissent about it, I was thinking that the 18+ crowd could hang out at a hookah lounge (which I am still researching for the best UWS one), which, when you think about it, is logical after a visit to Alice's. xD Of course, ice cream and whatever else are also options, especially if the under-18 people outnumber the 18+.

Please comment with thoughts and feedback (and ideas if you don't want to do hookah)!


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