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3 Baby lucky packs!

Today my sister and I finally got our lucky packs!
We kind of had to go through a lot to get them even though they were here though, lol
This morning I woke up to the phone ringing and it was my mom telling me that our packages had arrived and her and my dad were picking them at the post office for us on their way to the place in the forest they volenteer for.
I was like, OH NO! Now I will have to wait till 6pm when they get home!
I didn't want to wait that long, so I decided I would drive up to where they were and get my lucky packs!
So my sister and I get there and start trying everything on right there in the forest! XD

We loved everything we got! But sadly I can't wear anything in mine ;o;
I am very dissapointed about that.

So here are the pictures of what we got!
First up here in mine-

Red Tartan JSK. I love this JSK it's so pretty!
But I can not wear red at all. It makes my skin look so horrible!
Also the bust is a bit small for me anyway.
So my sister said she would buy it from me since she was wanting this one for a christmas dress.
It also came with a matching short jacket!

And it came with this black AaTP cropped blouse. I think this is so awesome!
I really like it a lot, and it's so piratey! But I have NOTHING I can wear it with , so I don't know if I will keep it or not. Maybe I will try to trade or sell it.

And it came with this cutsew. In fact all 3 of our LP's came with this exact cutsew.

I am guessing since this came with the matching jacket, they decided not to include socks.
I wanted socks! ;o;
So overall, I got a pretty useless lucky pack for me.

My sister however got 2 of the most awesome lucky packs! I am jealous of her!

Here is what she got in her JSK LP-

You don't know how much we both wanted this!!
My sister was even going to order it but it was sold out on the site!
So I thought for sure it wouldn't come in a LP!
When she opened it and we saw it was the Yellow Tartan we both screamed and jumped up and down!
So exciting and surprising! And just as we expected it is not anywhere near the electric yellow the site made it look like. Yellow, and Pink Tartan are my most favorite things~

Of course this one fits me great, but it's not mine! >0<
Yellow is her favorite colour though, and I already have a pink tartan JSK, so it's only right.

It also came with this sailor blouse!
I LOVE this blouse! I have been wanting a sailor blouse, but too bad it's not mine ;o;

It also came with the cutsew I posted above, and those white AaTP socks other people have posted.

Next is the skirt LP! -
Now this one was also full of awesome! It makes me wish I had had the money for both.

This skirt is so cute! It has the cutest lace, and ruffles!

Super cute head dress.

This really cute pink stripe blouse! It has 2 different bows you can change!

Wizzard of OZ cami. so cute!

And of course that one cutsew~

That's all! I can't wait to see what everyone else gets!

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