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Right, so the wedding I'm going to has been changed from super casual to dressy-casual (oh thank god! the groomsmen will actually be wearing tuxes instead of chinos!)

I have the gist of my outfit, but I need to decide on a blouse, and a bolero would be nice, since it *is* being held in October, and who knows what the weather will be like? I'm not exactly going traditional loli, mind, so no one eat my face or anything. =0 (I do think it would be bad showing up looking like the wedding cake!)

The rundown so far is as follows:

Fan + Friend short bustle skirt, no petticoat.
Timeless Trends polka dot underbust
Payless AE patent shoes
And white tights, or if I can find them, white tights with little black polka dots.

What I need, desperately, though, is a blouse! I was thinking a cute short-sleeved white lolita blouse, so I can actually use it when I'm dressing, you know, in lolita. But I have a 42" bust, so that creates some problems when shopping. >_> Also, I fail at being a girl and can't put outfits together for the life of me. Halp plz?

Oh, and as a note, I know it was discussed recently that you don't wear black to a wedding, but the brides maids are all wearing black, so I figure it will be alright. That, and when your family looks like this, you can't really ask that they not wear black... >_>
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